Oral Presentations Early 19 th Century

Oral Presentations
Early 19th Century
You and the other members of your group will be researching an assigned
topic from the first half of the 19th century. You will then organize the results of
your research and create an oral presentation for the class. The purpose of this
presentation will be to disseminate what you have learned about your topic.
Step #1
Read the appropriate pages in your social studies text. These pages will
serve as a starting point for your group, but your research will need to go well
beyond the information provided in the text.
Step #2
Divide your overall topic into six (or seven) subtopics and assign one of
these subtopics to each member of your group. Conduct your research and gather
as much information as you can. You will, of course, want to look for basic
information on the people, events, and ideas related to your topic, but you should
also look for information on the following:
1) geography related to your topic,
2) the causes of the major events related to your topic, and
3) the consequences of these events.
You are encouraged to use notecards for your research, but notecards will not be
collected and will not be a part of your grade on this project. Each group member
will put together a list of works consulted (with a minimum of three sources),
using correct MLA style. You may not include Wikipedia or similar resources on
your list.
Step #3
Assimilate the information your group members have gathered and make
sure that you have adequately covered the topic. Also make sure that each person
has researched a separate topic and eliminate any redundant information.
Step #4
Next each person will create a PowerPoint presentation covering the
information relevant to his/her subtopic. This presentation must include the
details most important to an understanding of the topic, along with relevant
Step #5
Combine each person’s presentation into one final PowerPoint presentation.
This final product should be organized and arranged in a logical order.
Step #6
Working with all of the members of your group, create an oral presentation,
which you will deliver to the class. You will be expected to effectively present
your information, using the effective public speaking skills we have worked on
this school year. You must not simply read the information from your
PowerPoint presentation. In order to do this well, you should definitely practice
the presentation as a group.
Step #7
On your assigned day, your group will present to the class, and everyone in
your group must be involved in the presentation. In fact, each person will be
responsible for delivering his/her information and will be graded on his/her public
speaking skills and on the quality of the information provided.
Those watching your presentation will take notes and will have an
opportunity to ask questions once you have finished. You are expected to be the
experts on your assigned topic.
Step #8
When all of the presentations have been completed, you will be tested on
the information provided, and you will be allowed to use the notes you have
Everyone in the group will receive the same grade for organization and for
the comprehensiveness of the information provided. Each person will be graded
individually for his/her portion of the PowerPoint and oral presentation.
Pages in Text
The War of 1812
Andrew Jackson’s Presidency
The Industrial Revolution
Texan Independence and the Mexican War
Southern Economy and Culture
pp. 230-234; 238-241
pp. 257-271
pp. 356; 360-365; 370-373
pp. 279; 283-285; 288-290
pp. 357-359; 366; 378-393;
Due Dates
Research completed
Individual PowerPoint completed
Presentations begin
List of Works Consulted
Monday, March 9
Wednesday, March 11
Monday, March 16
Thursday, March 19