7th International conference on low temperature chemistry
First F. Author1, Second S. Author2
Affilliation of the first author, address, country
Affilliation of the second author, address, country
All presenters (including plenary speakers) are requested to prepare and submit a one-page
abstract using the instructions given here. The abstracts will be published in the book of
abstracts, available at the conference.
The deadline for abstract submission is 1st of April, 2008.
Abstracts should be sent as e-mail attachments to the conference organizers (e-mail
address: jan.lundell [at] - substitute the [at] with @ )
The abstracts should be prepared as MS-Word documents as shown here and indicated
The complete text of abstracts (written in English) must fit into one A4 page – limited by
margins: left 3.0 cm, right 2.5 cm, top and bottom 2.5 cm – when printed in 12-point font
type with single spacing. The text of the abstract is prepared with Times New Roman font
(12 pt), whereas the reference section is prepared by Arial font (10 pt).
The abstract can include pictures and figures, and they should be embedded in the
submitted abstract document.
The organizing committee will choose some of the submitted poster abstracts to be
presented as oral communications during the ICLTC 2008 conference. The interest of the
author to have his/her abstract considered for oral presentation should be made on the
registration page. Authors will be notified of the type of presentation by 1st of May, 2008.
NOTE: It is authors’ responsibility to read through the proof of the abstract carefully
before accepting the submission. For each abstract, congress registration for one of the
authors is required.
[1] First F. Author, Second S. Author, Phys. Rev. B 11, 1111 (2001).
[2] First F. Author, Second S. Author, Phys. Rev. B 22, 2222 (2002).