Employment Services include

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The mission statement for Blanchard Valley Industries is to . . ."promote the independence, community
integration and employability of adults who have a developmental disability. A wide range of habilitation,
vocational, and leisure skills should be locally planned and directed."
Blanchard Valley Industries offers work opportunities within the adult workshop, as well as in the community.
BVI contracts with numerous businesses for assembly and inspection work for adults with developmental
disabilities. These work opportunities provide consumers with meaningful, paid jobs and enable them to be
productive members of their community. All work is conducted with supervision and concentrates on
developing work skills as well as social and communication skills.
Outside of BVI, supervised work opportunities are available at several worksites, where a crew of consumers
provides janitorial, food service, or factory work in community locations. Currently, there are four community
worksites from which individuals may choose to work.
Our Community Placement department assists individuals in finding community employment in an area of their
particular interest. Currently, twenty-seven people from the adult services program are actively employed
within their community. BVI staff provide job coaching as needed, and monthly follow-along contacts to ensure
continued success in their job.
Blanchard Valley Industries adult workshop also provides Day Habilitation activities for those who are not
vocationally oriented. These activities range from cooking to crafts to community outings. A monthly schedule
of daily activities is distributed and individuals may choose those activities in which they wish to participate.
For individuals in our program who no longer wish to work, we offer a Seniors Program, designed to meet the
needs and interests of an older population who is ready to retire from the workforce. This group meets daily
and develops a monthly calendar of events/activities. They are based at the Anchor Center, but are on the go
much of the time - visiting area parks, shopping malls, restaurants and other points of interest.
Blanchard Valley Industries continually strives to meet the vocational, social, communication, and self-help
needs of individuals within our adult program. Nursing, speech and occupational therapy services are provided
as well. BVI exists to assist and support individuals with disabilities in any way that is needed.
Contact Numbers: Business Number: 419-422-6386
Fax Number 419-425-7062
TTD Number 419-425-7062
Email: Susan Kayser: Community Development Manager or Rhonda Wilson: Production
BVI Board Members:
Mike Chiarelli - President
Virginia Livingston - Secretary
Barry Fawcett - Treasurer
Lowell Hendricks
Warren Pratt
Bette Heidlebaugh
Scott Basinger
Jack Baumgardner
Ron Harvey
Yvonne Wright
Employment Services include:
Transition Services are available for individuals moving from educational environments into
employment or community services.
Employment at the BVI Facility provides job training in a workshop setting with the goal of either
maintaining or increasing work skills. Job assignments include such tasks as assembly, packaging,
gauging, collating, labeling and material handling.
Community Crews consist of work groups who are employed in community settings, such as
motels, factories, offices and other area businesses, usually with supervision and training provided
by BVI staff.
Employment at the Taste of the Towne Restaurant provides food service training in a restaurant
located in the Family Center.
Job Search Skills Assistance and Job Development is available to assist workers in obtaining
community employment. This includes training and assistance with resume development,
interviewing strategies and job search techniques. A Job Developer is available to market and
procure individualized competitive jobs in the community.
Community Based Assessments provide an opportunity for the individual to try out different jobs
in the community to determine which one is right for him or her.
Community Job Training and Follow Along allows a Job Coach to assist the individual in learning
the job skills needed to be successful in a community placement. Follow along services include
retraining, cross training, and general advocacy and support for the duration of employment.
Volunteering individuals who are interested, find work in non-paid positions in community settings,
such as schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations, where their skills can be utilized to provide
service to others.
Non-Vocational Services include:
Habilitative Services to help the individual achieve individualized goals and objectives in a wide
variety of areas, including money management, mobility training, community awareness and daily
living skills.
Recreation Services which include community based leisure, recreation and entertainment
opportunities of the individual’s choice.
Retirement Activities for individuals beyond the usual working age. Adult day services is a
community based group program which provides a comprehensive program designed to maximize
the functional levels of the persons served.
Related Services Include:
Occupational and speech therapy
Nursing services
Behavior support services
Day Habilitation Training