The Industrial Revolution and Local Study

Choice of Tasks for your Home Learning Journal
Year 6
Autumn 2013
Topic: Industrial Revolution / Local Study
Six ways to be smart
I enjoy reading, writing
and speaking.
I enjoy thinking logically
– working with numbers
and being
I enjoy painting, drawing
and visualising.
What do I know and
Can I apply and show
what I know?
What can I question,
compare and analyse?
Write a report about
James Watt
Write a biography about
Matthew Boulton
Write a list of The
people who influenced
the Industrial
Create a list of what you
would take for a week on
a canal boat
Make an advertising
poster for the use of
Bartley Green
Create a fact file about
Paul Horton
Draw a map of the local
canals in the midlands
Find out how The
Industrial Revolution
Draw a labelled diagram
of a loom machine
List 10 advancements
of The Industrial
Paint or make a model of
Stevenson’s Rocket
Create a collage of a
canal scene.
Design a new Cadbury’s
chocolate product
Create a
3D model of a factory.
Find a photo of Bartley
Green in the past.
Write a paragraph
about it
Copy one of L.S. Lowry’s
industrial pictures
Paint or draw one city
and one countryside
scene from The
Industrial Revolution
Write and illustrate an
acrostic poem titled
‘Industrial Revolution’
Create a board game
about life in Britain
during The Industrial
Compose a piece of
music that would be used
in an advert for a
Cadbury product.
Choose an existing
Cadbury’s advert,
explain why you like the
Imagine you are a
factory worker. Write a
diary about a day at
Produce a leaflet or
poster advertising a
Cadbury’s product.
I enjoy being active and
doing hands-on
Make a collection of
photos about The
Industrial Revolution.
Share what you have
learnt in class.
I enjoy listening to
Learn the song
“Matchstalk Men and
Matchstalk Cats and
Write your own
Woodgate School song
Write a song about The
Industrial Revolution
that could be shown on
the Horrible Histories
Write a newspaper
article about Joseph
Imagine you are in a
midlands town during
The Industrial
Revolution. Use all five
senses to describe what
is around you.
Answer the following
‘Why did we have The
Industrial Revolution?’
I enjoy working by
Week 1 homework is to decorate your cover. Make it as bright and interesting as you can.
What can I create?
Can I evaluate and
make judgements?