Sample Senior Project outline

Sample outline #1
Introduction: Your proposed career: why do you want to do this?
Body 1 – Overview of this career:
What is it? (explain to us)
What are normal tasks performed and its function
Body 2 – Prospects of this career:
competition in the field
job outlook in the next few years or decade
promotions – how easy are they to come by?
wages/salary – is this job competitive salary-wise? Will you be starving?
Body 3 - How to get there:
Skills needed – what sort of skills do you need to have to be successful in
this career and how will you get them or build them?Education – What degrees or
licenses do you need to practice this career?
Networking or internship – Will you be able to get a job easier if you build
a network of people? Will you have to do an internship? If so, what will it help you do?
Conclusion: Summarize all that you’ve said already... restate your career and why you
want to do it. Mention your prospects and how to get there. Additionally, you could also
add why you think you would be successful in this area, too.
Sample Outline #2
o Interesting grabber about the profession
o Background information: industry explanation, brief job description
o Job Outlook
Part I: Job Overview (educate reader about the basics):
o Educational requirements (college or vocational degrees, licenses, certificates
o Typical routines, tasks, responsibilities, work environment
o Clientele served
o Professional skills/personal attributes needed
Part II Criticisms of Profession
o In what way(s) does the public misunderstand or criticize this profession?
o Provide counter-arguments
Part III: Influences that shape/affect the profession (may be multiple paragraphs)
Research ideas:
o Technology
o Outsourcing
Economic trends
Environmental needs
National/global disasters
Risk of Terrorism
Community needs
Public demand/need
Part IV: The profession’s benefits/contributions to members of society
(may be multiple paragraphs)
Research ideas:
o What sector of the population does this profession serve? (age, demographics,
gender, ethnicity, economic status, other sector?)
o How does this profession benefit clientele’s well being (health, wealth,
o Public safety?
o Community outreach/involvement?
o Human or virtual relationships?
o Economic status?
o Entertainment?
o Inspiration?
o Other