Overlake School – career talk

Sample Career Guidance Day Questions
(for high school or middle schools)
Suggested topics to address:
1. A general overview of the career field. What are some of the different
paths to pursue in the career field?
2. What you actually do, perhaps using a specific case, transaction, or
project as an example to add focus and concreteness?
3. Your background. How did you get to where you are today?
4. What are the rewards and challenges of your job?
5. Future trends/technology’s influence?
6. Outlook for young people entering the field?
7. Advice – e.g. What should high school students study? What
opportunities should they take advantage of to gain exposure to the
Allow at least 20 minutes for questions and answers.
 Some schools have the engineer be part of a panel of 3-4 engineers, some have
you give one presentation only, some have you give the same presentation three
times to three student groups (the students rotate around to multiple profession
speakers for a day – sometimes as many as 50 choices are available).
Audio visual equipment may be limited to only Overhead Transparencies (unless
you are providing the equipment yourself). You can ask your host what they have
Physical objects like models or drawings or pictures are OK but you will need to
carry them into a busy school and classroom (so nothing too large) and it should
be something that can’t be easily broken by rough handling. Class size is 20-30
usually, so it has to be big enough to be seen when held up – or you can pass it
around the room.
A teacher is usually in the room that will keep discipline, but usually you do your
own introduction.
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