My Favorite Profession

My Favorite Profession
I decided to be a photographer and
operator. I think it is an interesting
and useful profession. I like to
watch to photos and to photo
myself, and to make movies or little
films. I like everything which is
connected my <<profession>>. I
have a hobby. When I have a free
time, I ring up my friends and ask
them to come to my place, and I
make short actions.
In school, one of my my favourite
subjets is choising subject. Its
Kino-Photo or <<SebastaciTV>>.
My teachers are Ani and Misho.
They are very good teachers. That
days I have a good time. Misho
studies us montage, and Ani
studies photography.
I think that the work of operators
is very interesting. Behind the
scene and process of movie
makeing are very funny and
That’s why its my favourite
BY Arman Martirosyan