Biomass (Utilization and Disposal)

Land Steward
Resource Notebook
6. Biomass (Utilization and Disposal)
Backyard Composting, WSU Publications
Simple ‘how to’ that details what to put in the compost pile, how to maintain an active
pile, and how to utilize the finished product. This section also includes answers to FAQs.
Organic Waste Reduction, Master Recycler Manual, OSU Publications
Beyond basic composting, this portion provides ideas of how to deal with everything that
rots, from composting with worms, to donating food to a pantry, to cooking for the
homeless. Give some good ideas of how to keep food scraps out of the garbage.
Disposing of Woody Material, Reducing Hazardous Fuels, OSU Publication
This publication discusses options for economically and effectively using and disposing
of woody material from saw logs to wood chips.
Forest Products from your Woodland Backyard Woodland, OSU Publication
This great section gives some ideas of different products that can be generated on a small
woodlot, such as timber medicines, woods chips, posts and poles.
Additional Resources: – Jackson Soil and Water Conservation
District website which offers a ‘Manure Exchange” which makes it easy to find or get rid
of different types of manures.
Let it Rot! The Gardener’s Guide to Composting, Stu Campbell
The Rodale Book of Composting, Easy Methods for Every Gardener, Rodale
Worms Eat My Garbage, Mary Appelhof
The Worm Book, Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor