Business Backyard Composting Pilot Project!

Get a Free Compost Bin for your Business!
As part of our Business Backyard Composting program, we are offering a free composting kit to
businesses or workplaces that have adopted a Green Plan. If you and your staff would like to start
composting your green/ organic waste from your lunch rooms or kitchen operations, we can provide
your business or workplace with a free high quality outdoor compost bin in the backyard of your
business location and a container of potting soil to keep indoors. Each week you will add one bucket of
soil (brown) to your compost bin to help the composting process happen. In order to make compost
that has little to no odor, we recommend composting only your fruit, bread, vegetable scraps, coffee/
tea grinds, paper napkins, paper towels and plant materials and not adding any meat, fish, cheese or
dairy products since adding meat, fish and dairy items are what makes compost smell sour.
What can you do with the finished compost? You could bag it and sell it, you could donate it to a local
charity and they could sell it as a fund raiser, you could put it in your garden or around your flower beds
or trees.
To receive your free composting kit and to start composting at your workplace call Eco Chaleur at 5488470 or email us at or visit us at our office at 237 Main Street, Bathurst,
inside the Climate Change Action Center. This is a limited time offer.