5 things you can do today to help reduce trash in your

5 Ways to Reduce Trash in Your School Cafeteria or
1. Do a waste audit. You and the students will both be amazed. Here are
consolidated results from 7 Beverly school audits done by Change Is
2. Recycle more of whatever is allowed by your hauler. Cartons are now
being recycled in many places as well as bottles and cans. Check with the
Carton Council for grants!
3. Remove the liquids with a “Drain and Drop” program. Custodians often
like this because it reduces the messy, smelly bags from the cafeteria.
4. Separate and
compost food
waste either with an
onsite composting
program to support your own garden or by having it hauled to an offsite
composting facility.
5. If you are using disposable or compostable trays, train students to “TipTap- Stack” the trays! It reduces the volume a lot!
To get more information: www.RecyclingWorksMA.com,
www.TheGreenTeam.org, or your DEP Regional Municipal Assistance
Western Mass: Arlene- Arlenem773@aol.com
Central Mass: Irene_congdon1@yahoo.com
South East: Kathi - KMirza@taunton-ma.gov
and Janine - JDelaneyMAC@comcast.net
North East: Carolyn - CDann@bedfordma.gov
and Sharon- SKishida@beverlyma.gov
Cape: David - DQuinn@barnstablecounty.org
Boston area: Brooke -Brooke.Nash@state.ma.us