Third Grade Mathematics Learning Goals

Grade 1 Math Essential Learning Goals
Lewiston School District
Number & Operation
 I can count and show objects to 100.
 I can tell how numbers 0 to 100 are alike and
 I can tell which number is bigger or smaller,
greater or less than.
 I can put numbers in order from smallest to
largest and largest to smallest.
 I can count backwards from 20.
 I can name pennies, nickels, and dimes.
 I can tell how much each coin is worth.
 I can tell how much a group of pennies is worth, how much a group of
nickels is worth, and how much a group of dimes is worth.
 I can see patterns in groups of numbers (1+1, 2+1, 3+1).
 I can add two numbers.
 I can make groups of 2 through 10 in lots of ways.
 I can find the answer to number stories through at least 10.
 I can tell when to add or subtract in a number story.
 I can show how I found the answer in a number story using numbers,
pictures, words, objects or acting.
 I can make a close guess of how many objects there are in a group.
 I can tell time with a face clock and a digital clock, to the hour.
 I can tell how long an object is using different tools.
 I can measure length in inches and feet.
 I can arrange objects by weight or how much they hold and tell how
they are the same and different.
 I can choose the best tool to measure an object.
 I can tell which numbers are greater, less, and equal.
 I can copy a pattern with three or more parts, and make it longer.
 I can name a triangle, rectangle (including a square), circle, cone and
 I can find shapes in the world around me.
 I can sort 3-D (space) and 2-D (flat) shapes.
 I can tell how shapes are alike and different.
Data Analysis
 I can use tally marks.
 I can gather data and put it on a
 I can ask and answer questions about