October 6, 2013 Dear Parents, Tomorrow each student will be

October 6, 2013
Dear Parents,
Tomorrow each student will be bringing home an invitation for our Grandparents Day which is on
October 24. Please look for it in the red reading folders tomorrow!
This next week we will be finishing up our review of short vowel sounds/words – focusing on the “e”
and “u”. We’ll continue to review these and also introduce long vowel words/phonetic rules. We are
also learning about contractions, syllables, punctuation marks, and reading with expression.
In Math we are working hard to memorize the addition and subtraction facts up through the sum of
20. We have been playing several different games to help the students learn the facts. Flashcards are a
great way to practice the facts at home. We continue to practice counting money: pennies, nickels, and
dimes. Asking your child to count your change is a great way to practice this. (We always start counting
with the coins that are worth the most: dimes – nickels, pennies.) Telling time to the hour and halfhour is another skill we continue to practice. I am seeing great progress!
For creative writing, we continue to practice “sound spelling” the words that we do not know how to
spell yet, and we are working on putting our thoughts on paper with the proper spacing and punctuation
marks. This is a process that we will be working on all year. I am seeing continued progress in the
students’ handwriting – forming the letters correctly on the lines! 
This week for Social Studies, we will be reading and learning about Christopher Columbus.
Call or email if you have any questions or concerns,
Pam Ginther
Parent Teacher Conferences – Oct. 14, 15, 16
Fall break – Oct. 17, 18
Grandparents Day – Oct. 24 from 9:15 – 10:00
Collaboration Day – Oct. 21 (late start)