26 February 2008
Raiffeisenbank and eBanka have increased the rate of interest accrued on savings accounts
under the eKonto programme. The new interest rate is the highest among bank savings accounts
in the Czech market. The bank also increases interest rates for other savings accounts and time
Raiffeisenbank a.s. and eBanka, a.s. have increased the interest rate for savings accounts under
the eKonto programme. The highest new interest rate will be increased to 3.50 % from the
recent 3.00 %. „This is our response to the growth of interest rates announced by the Czech
National Bank at the beginning of February,“ said the product manager, Dagmar Válková.
In addition, the bank has also increased interest rates applied to certain ranges of time deposits
in Czech koruna and euro. Time deposits in CZK are now up to 0.3 percentage point up,
reaching the maximum interest rate of 3.15 percent. Time deposits in EUR grew by up to 0.2
percentage point, and the highest valorisation of euro time deposits is now 3.55 percent.
The eKonto savings account is an automatic part of eKonto accounts; the client does not pay
any fees for opening or maintaining the savings account. Client’s funds are not subject to any
notice period and are readily available to the account owner anytime.
eKonto was introduced in last September as the key product of both banks in the area of current
accounts. With this account, clients can choose products they wish to use. Moreover, they can
obtain various services free of charge if meeting certain conditions. The bank can thus provide
its clients with a current account, savings account with favourable interest rates, personal
overdraft, two payment cards, direct banking, incoming payments and two cash withdrawals
from ATMs of Raiffeisenbank and eBanka per month, all free of charge.
Tomáš Kofroň
Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Raiffeisenbank a.s.  Olbrachtova 9  140 21, Praha 4, Czech Republic
Tel.: 221 141 170  Fax: 221 142 170
Internet: http://www.rb.cz  E-mail: [email protected]
Raiffeisenbank a.s. (RBCZ) has been providing a wide range of banking services in the Czech
Republic to individual as well as corporate clients since 1993. eBanka started its operations in
the Czech market in 1998, focusing on quality services with the use of direct banking. The two
banks initiated their integration in 2006. Since 2007, selected products are available to the
clients in the sales networks of both banks, totalling more than 100 branch offices and client
Both banks confirm their trend of dynamic development and growing profits. Over the first nine
months of 2007, Raiffeisenbank increased its net profits in annual comparison by nearly 20
percent to CZK 591.8 million; total assets reached the amount of CZK 114 billion. eBanka’s net
profit rose by 173 percent to CZK 169.46 million, total assets of eBanka have reached CZK
23.2 billion.
Various local and international awards confirm the quality of offered services of the two banks.
In 2007, Raiffeisenbank was awarded the Most Dynamic Bank in the prestigious MasterCard
Bank of the Year contest for the second consecutive time. It has also won the third place in the
main category of the Bank of the Year. eBanka regularly achieves awards for the best account
and ranked third in this category in 2007. In the Zlatá koruna 2007 competition, eBanka has
won the first place in the category of payment cards for the payment card locking service and
eBanka’s internet banking has won in its category as well.
The majority shareholder of the two banks is the Austrian financial institution Raiffeisen
International Bank Holding AG. In 16 markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Raiffeisen
International serves over 13 million clients at 3,000 sales points. Since 2005, the group’s shares
have been quoted at the Vienna Stock Exchange. The majority shareholder is RZB Group with
68.5 percent; the remaining part is traded freely on the stock exchange.
In July 2007, Raiffeisen International received Euromoney’s Best Bank in Central and Eastern
Europe award for the third consecutive time. In addition, the network’s banks received awards
for the best banks in five countries of the region. The company also received the Best Bank in
Central and Eastern Europe awards from the Global Finance and The Banker magazines.
Raiffeisenbank a.s.  Olbrachtova 9  140 21, Praha 4, Czech Republic
Tel.: 221 141 170  Fax: 221 142 170
Internet: http://www.rb.cz  E-mail: [email protected]