Cartilage metabolism and carbohydrate binding molecules in early

Saida Farah Issa
Cartilage metabolism and carbohydrate binding molecules in early, undifferentiated and longstanding rheumatoid arthritis
Saida Farah Issa
MD, ph.d-student
Research unit, Department of Rheumatology
The purpose of this project is to study the association between cartilage metabolism and
carbohydrate binding molecules in patients with early, undifferentiated and long-standing
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, inflammatory disease and the untreated disease is
characterized by deterioration of joints and consequently disability.
RA patients with autoantibodies have been reported to have decreased cartilage formation. This
project will further study this association by measuring cartilage metabolism and immunologic
markers in patients with arthritis, before a diagnosis can be given. Further more we will examine,
whether one of the markers that is measured is affected by changes in the circadian rhythm or
physical activity.
The project includes 3 well defined patient groups with early, undifferentiated and undiagnosed
arthritis, long-standing arthritis and patients with long-standing arthritis that are recently
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