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What is Ankylosing Spondylitis?
• Autoimmune arthritis primarily affecting the spine,
but can also involve other parts of the body
• Calcification of enthesis resulting from enthesitis, or
inflammation of entheses causes bones to grow
irregulary and, in most severe cases, leads to joint
• Other conditions are commonly associated in those
who have AS:
• Uveitis (Iritis)-inflamation of the iris
• Crohn’s and IBD
• Psoriasis
• Osteoperosis (brittle bones)
Ankylosing Spondylitis Facts
• HLA-B27, which occurs in 8%-9% of
Caucasiansm, is genetic marker for AS.
• 90 % of people with AS carry HLA-B27 gene.
• 1 in every 200 adults in the United States (1.1
million people) have AS.
• AS is more common in men than women, but
the disease is harder to diagnose in women.
Ankylosing Spondylitis
More than the spine
“Hot Spots”
-Hips (Sacroilliac Joints)
Warning Signs
• Gradual onset of lower back pain before age 45.
• Pain & stiffness worsen with immobility,
especially in the morning.
• Pain & stiffness tend to ease with physical activity.
• Symptoms persist longer than three months.
25 year progression of AS (Age 30-55)
No cure. But there’s hope.
Find a good Rheumatologist
NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
TNF blockers (Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, etc.)
Stretching regularly
Proper nutrition
Stress management
Ability to change
Exercise as Medicine
Please consult a physiotherapist or Rheumatologist and be safe!
Famous People with AS
Ed Sullivan (Ed Sullivan Show)
Rico Brogna (former MLB player)
Huw Irranca-Davies (British Parliament)
Mike Atherton (English Cricket Player)
Anna-Nicole Smith (Actor/Actress)
Jens Stoltenberger (Prime Minister of Norway)
Mick Mars (Guitarist for Motley Crue)
Life is a journey. So what if you
have an autoimmune disease!
Manifest Destiny
Upon diagnosis, I felt like my life was over and I’d end up like
the Hunchback of Notre Dame…..
Experience and networking, as well as learning, teaching and
growing, have given me the opportunity to carry the torch for
those who can’t, using endurance sports as a platform to
show that hope for AS and arthritis exists.
Early diagnosis is the number one way to help people with
arthritis, so people can get in tune before the damage is done.
40% of the world’s population. 200 forms of arthritis.
Strength in numbers.
Teamwork makes the dream work!!
Racing to #CureArthritis
One race at a time…
Good Luck to all of the athletes racing Sunday!!
For some, just finishing a triathlon as an individual or relay team is a major
accomplishment, and is usually the beginning of a fresh and new journey into
rediscovering health.
For others, its all about continuing to challenging themselves to new personal bests
by listening to their bodies as their fitness grows, while being able to focus on
recovery, nutrition, and smart training/racing.
What a great opportunity to inspire others to be healthy. Magical things happen out
there on the race course. Lifelong memories ensue. Trust me! It’s a beautiful thing!!
Whether you think you CAN
or you think you CAN’T,
you are RIGHT.
- Henry Ford
Keep in Touch
Mahalo to Helgi Olafson Foundation 2014 Sponsors
• What has worked for you?
• What are you curious about?
• Do you know of any good arthritis resources in your
• Do you have a family member or close friend with AS or
related diseases?
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