association of central and eastern european election officials

UNDP Country Office in Algeria
T.R. Ministry of Justice
UNDP Country Office in Turkey
Study-visit to Turkey organized for Algeria’s Government Officials
Ankara, Turkey
15-20 July 2012
15 July, Sunday
Arrival in Ankara Airport
16 July, Monday
10:30-12:00 Meeting at UNDP Turkey CO on briefing about what Turkey aims and achieves so
far, challenges
14:00-16:30 Meeting at Ministry of Justice on National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP) in order
 Exchange general information,
 Visit technical installations,
 Learn about network and database management system,
 Learn about the ways the different information systems are integrated (jurisdictions,
prisons and judicial police stations).
17 July, Tuesday
10:00-14:00 Meeting at Ministry of Justice and Sincan Courthouse to observe concrete development
of the following operations:
 Functioning of the information system and its use by users among different units,
 Procedures for document treatment and management (in paper and electronic
 Management of reports with prisons and judicial police stations,
 Technical platform,
 Organization and working methods of the technical team,
 Visit a new judicial court integrating all new systems and functionalities and be
informed of the technical specifications.
15:30-16:30 Meeting at Prime Ministry to observe overall e-government practices
18 July, Wednesday
Full Day, in Gebze: Meeting at the Public Certification Center of Scientific and Technological
Research Council of Turkey on administration of the electronic signature and its management
19 July, Thursday
10:00-12:00 Meeting at Ministry of Justice, on administration of the online training and its different
management modalities
14:00-15:30 Meeting at Ministry of Interior to acquire information and experience identity cards and
identity sharing systems
20 July, Friday
Departure from Ankara Airport