2013 Application Submission

TGIF Mini-Grant Application Fall 2013
Total amount requested must be from $500-2,000. Submissions must be submitted in PDF or
Word format with minimum 12 pt. font and 1” margins and be no more than 5 pages in length.
Your application must be submitted by 5pm on October 7, 2013 OR November 18, 2013. Please
title your document “MG_ProjectName_YourLastName”.
Project title:
Total amount requested from TGIF:
Amount Requested as: X
Loan (Estimated payback period of loan in ___ months)
Sponsoring Organization/Fiscal Agent: Property Management
This will be the entity that holds your grant funds and administers all financial transactions and
student intern hires. This entity must submit a Project Approval Form.
Project leader(s):
Year & Major/
Title & Department
Tasha Dowdakin
Move Coordinator
Property Management
Year & Major/
Title & Department
Dan Clipson
Marketing and Sales Analyst
Property Management
Project Details:
Describe the overall goals of the project.
The primary goal of the project is to prevent reusable items from entering the landfill during
office relocations by providing special reuse bins at the move site. The secondary goal is to
educate the campus community on the value of reuse and the role people can play in preventing
Background: During large moves departments often leave behind large quantities of reusable
office supplies, such as binders, paper clips, reams of paper, pens, staplers, etc. These items get
mixed in with trash and debris and are then thrown into the trash dumpsters.
To solve this problem we propose the purchase of six industrial bins on wheels through the TGIF
Grant. The bins will be managed by Moving Services, a unit of Property Management, during the
office relocations. The bins will be a distinct color, such as bright yellow or orange, to
distinguish them from other bins on campus. The bins will be clearly marked:
For Reusable Supplies
No Electronics, No Trash
UC Berkeley Moving Services
How will the project be implemented? Describe the steps.
Moving Services staff will distribute the bins to move locations prior to the move and encourage
staff to fill them with reusable unwanted office supplies and other small items. Movers will pick
up the full (or partially full) bins at the job site and bring them back to Property Management’s
loading dock in Richmond or to Refuse and Recycling at Edward’s Track. After a final sort,
ReUse interns in the Refuse and Recycling Department will distribute the reusable supplies to
the Institutional Recycling Network.
With six bins, we can place several on campus for concurrent moves, have several being
unloaded at Edwards Track and have one or two at Property Management being sorted or waiting
to be delivered out.
Which aspects or campus sustainability will your project tackle? What are the quantitative
and/or qualitative sustainability metrics?
This project tackles waste by preventing usable items from being sent to the landfill; by having
the usable items distributed to groups that need them; and by educating campus staff and movers
about reuse through encouragement to use the bins and to be conscious of what they are leaving
Property Management will keep quantitative metrics on the number of cubic yards of reusable
items that are given to the ReUse interns each quarter.
From May 2013 to October 2013, we estimate that Moving Services sent approximately 20 cubic
yards of reusable supplies to ReUse interns for distribution to the Institutional Recycling
Network. We believe that this amount will increase with the use of designated reuse bins.
How will you measure the sustainability and environmental benefits?
Through the quantitative measures described above.
What is your plan for publicizing your project? Do you have any specific outreach goals?
Moving Services move coordinators will assess the need for the bins based on the size and
specific scope of each move. Moving Services’ Move Guidelines will include information about
requesting and using the bins, and the move coordinators will encourage use of the bins during
move meetings and email correspondence.
The Property Management websites for Moving Services will be updated contain information
about requesting a reuse bin prior to the move.
Additionally, movers will be instructed and trained to “sort as they move” so that they put office
supplies in the yellow bins and trash in their standard moving bins during the move process.
Project Approvals Needed:
If your project team is partnering with other organizations, or departments, or needs
permission to undertake a specific project, please submit a completed Project Approval Form
for each named entity.
List all budget items for which funding is being requested under the appropriate category.
Include cost/item and total amount/item requested. Please be as detailed as possible.
Cost per
Equipment and Construction Costs
Wheeled utility trucks with lids
Tax and Shipping
Publicity and Communication
Personnel and Wages
General Supplies and Other
TOTAL 1966.56
If selected by TGIF, your project must be completed by December 12, 2014.
Please email completed abstracts to tgif_grants@berkeley.edu and put the name of your
project in the subject line. Please title your document “MG_ProjectName_YourLastName”.
Questions and comments may be directed to TGIF Coordinator, Katherine Walsh, at
tgif_info@berkeley.edu /510-643-2992.