Zero Waste Facility Guidelines: A “Zero Waste” event requires all

Zero Waste Facility Guidelines:
A “Zero Waste” event requires all materials to be Reused, Recycled, or Composted at the end of
the event. Thank you for your commitment to UC Berkeley’s goal to achieve Zero Waste by 2020.
Select a Caterer who has signed the Zero Waste Event checklist
If applicable, the facility is responsible for the possible storage and
return of all equipment to the caterer
Decorations or center pieces are reusable edible, compostable, or
can be donated (Example: potted plants, or baskets of produce)
Document any donated items and report to CRRS for our records
with the EPA Food Recovery Challenge
Program materials are available digitally or printed on recycled paper
Name tags are reusable or recyclable
Consider having staff or volunteers assist guests as they properly
sort their materials into the appropriate bin
Designate a space in the facility to store the frames, bins, bags, lids
& signs
At the event, bins must be easily visible and accessible to guests
and remain together as a set, to avoid confusion. *NO stray bins*
If needed, coordinate with custodial staff to service your event and
ensure that all materials end up in the proper receptacles for pick up
Optional Next Step: Direct event planner to the Office Of
Sustainability’s website to register the event:
Include information about Zero Waste Events on Facility website
Bins to collect recycling, compost, and landfill materials
Appropriate bags/liners for each respective bin: clear, compostable,
and black
Lids for each bin: recycling, compost, landfill
Signs on and near the bins: clearly labeled with images of actual
menu items (if possible)
I have read and agree to the requirements stated above, and will proudly follow these guidelines
as a UC Berkeley Zero Waste Event Facility. My signature below indicates our commitment to UC
Berkeley’s goal of Zero Waste by 2020.
Building Name or Facility____________________________________________________________________
Website _________________________________________ Email ___________________________________
Building/Facility Manager Name ____________________________
(please print clearly)
Campus Recycling and Refuse Services (CRRS)
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