Curriculum Letter-Year 3/4 Autumn Term 2011
‘We learn, love and respect through our faith in Jesus Christ’
Dear Parents,
Welcome back! I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful summer. This year in Y3/4 we have 25 children (14 year
3’s and 11 year 4’s) we continue to have Mrs Russell with additional help from Mr Bell when required. On Friday’s
Mrs Watt will be teaching the children to cover my release time.
This term our theme will be ‘Around our School’, a topic based on local History and Geography.
Curriculum area
Scientific and Technological Understanding
Physical development
Historical, Geographical and social
What we will cover…
Autumn 1-The Bible
Autumn 2-Mary, our Mother
Autumn 1- Stories with familiar settings, Dialogues and
Autumn 2- Instructions, Adventure and Mystery and Poetrycreating images.
The children will also have weekly spellings, grammar
and handwriting lessons and opportunities for individual
and guided reading.
Place Value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and
division, 2D shapes, Symmetry, measures, time, fractions,
how to organise, use and interpret data (linked with ICT)
*Children should be regularly practising their
multiplication tables at home
We will be using ICT across the curriculum to support the
children’s learning and focusing on the use of questionnaires
and pie charts.
Autumn 1-Science, Characteristics of materials
Autumn 2-D&T, Making storybooks with moving parts
Multiskills programme.
Gymnastics- developing body shapes and movements using
the apparatus.
Invasion Games- developing attacking and defence skills in
Hockey. After half term the children will have specialist
Tag Rugby training from the School Sports Partnership that
will culminate in a festival in the Spring. Please ensure
your child has full P.E. kit in school every day. This
includes a suitable tracksuit and trainers.
Autumn 1- Geography-Our locality, thinking about
Puckeridge and local area in relation to other places, land
use, transport connections
Autumn 2-History-What was our locality like in the past?
Dates of buildings, origin of names, looking at written
sources etc.
Autumn 1-New Beginnings
Autumn 2-Getting on and Falling out
Anti Bullying week 14th-18th November 2011
Autumn 1-Moi (Me)
 Basics of conversation
 Greetings
 Family
Autumn 2- On fait la fete (Celebrations)
 Birthdays
 Religious celebrations
 Songs and Rhymes
Class Notices
There will be homework every week, this will develop and extend from the work that
we complete in class, so it is very important it is completed! Children must complete
all homework to the highest standard in their homework books or sheets should be
glued or stapled in securely. Many of these homework tasks will need the children to
research using books or the internet but please encourage your child to understand
and write the results in their own words.
The children will have word lists to learn each week; these will be given to them on a
Friday and should be practised nightly.
Our spelling test will be the following Friday.
The children should be using their Home/School Diary everyday and I do request
that you please read it daily and sign it at the end of each week.
Please ensure that all school clothes and P.E. kits are named clearly and available in
school at all times.
If anyone has any interesting information about or photographs of
Standon/Puckeridge and the surrounding area please send them in or come and speak
to the children-Your help would be much appreciated!
I will take this opportunity to invite you all to our class assembly which will be held at
9.15am on Friday 11th November to commemorate Remembrance day.
Please feel free to contact me if you have anything you wish to discuss.
Miss Hoy (Year 3/4 Class Teacher)
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