Computers can translate all kinds of languages

Computers can translate all kinds of languages well so our children don't
need to learn more languages in the future
By Shoukoh Abbasi
It is a good idea to learn at least one language other than our own mother tongue.
Translating languages by computer is great and easy but what happens when we travel
to another country where the people speak a totally different language. If we don’t
have any previous knowledge of that language we will not be able to understand what
they are saying.
It is important for our young society to learn and understand as many languages as
possible, in order to enhance better relations around the world. The study of foreign
languages can promote better understanding and respect of others, and may promote
a safer, more comfortable world in the future. When we learn a language, we also
learn about the customs, traditions and culture.
Therefore, I think all people should learn at least one other language. The parents also
should encourage their children to learn a second language very well. This issue should
be considered seriously in school as well. We cannot travel everywhere with a
computer and the computers can not translate mood, tone of voice, and many other
important aspects.