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American History
1920’s Magazine Project
Your Task
Your job is to create a magazine covering aspects of culture, politics, arts, music, lifestyles and
the like from the 1920’s. You will create this magazine in a group, with each person working to
create a product that is reflective of the time period. Your magazine will be published on the
internet and should reflect the 1920’s as much as possible.
1. Choose a format- Look at magazines online such as Time, Life, Newsweek, Ladies Home
Journal, McCall’s, etc and choose a style that reflects that magazine
2. Create a Cover Page
a. Picture, Title of Magazine, Editors/Contributors, Date, Clues to what stories are
3. Table of Contents (is created last)
4. Three Feature or News Articles
a. Articles must be written as if they would have actually appeared in a 1920’s
magazine. They can be about any significant event, trend, or development
during the 1920’s.
b. Each person must do at least one article
c. Margins should be 1” all around
d. Should be typed in column format
e. Pages should be numbered
f. The page on which your article is written should be in magazine format, no large
expanses of blank paper. You might wrap the article around a picture or an
g. Your articles must correspond to the date of your magazine and have some
perspective of time. If your magazine is written in 1927, you can’t write about
the stock market crash of 1929.
h. Include a properly formatted bibliography at the end of each article. Use at least
two sources of information.
5. Three supplementary pieces. They should combine your historical knowledge with your
imagination. Each should be tailored to your magazine’s audience.
a. A graphic (map, chart, etc) with an explanation
b. 2 advertisements (by private organizations or the government) You may copy
images with proper credit, but you must create the text. The ads should suit the
audience of the magazine and be a popular product of the era.
c. Letter to the Editor-on a controversial topic of the time period
d. Political Cartoon (may be copied with proper credit, but must have a caption to
explain the cartoon)
6. Grading Guidelines and Expectations:
a. Accuracy in reporting
b. Accounts that are rich in detail, factual evidence, and are interesting to read
c. Each group member fulfills their responsibility
a. Used imagination and creativity in writing and presentation
b. Used proper grammar and spelling
c. Neat, professional, aesthetically pleasing magazine that is consistent with a
magazine from the 1920’s
Point Values:
News/Feature Article:
a. Research and analysis of historical data 1 2 3 4 5
o Is the article appropriate for the 1920’s?
b. Quality of writing-appropriate style, grammar, spelling
1 2 3 4 5
c. Appropriate bibliography 1 2 3 4 5
Supplementary Piece (graphic, ad, letter to editor or political cartoon)
d. Research and analysis of historical data 1 2 3 4 5
o Is the article appropriate for the 1920’s?
e. Quality of writing-appropriate style, grammar, spelling
1 2 3 4 5
f. Appropriate bibliography 1 2 3 4 5
Group Grade:
g. Using your time wisely and working as part of a group
Total Grade _________/50
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