Robert Capa
The story of a Hungarian immigrant
His original name was Endre
Erno Friedmann, he was a
Hungarian photographer.
He took pictures of five
different wars.
He started photography as a hobby, and just later became a
He got his first
commission from the Vu
magazine, in 1934.
Ingrid Bergman was one of
his lovers.
While reporting from the Spanish civil war he took his most
famous picture, the Falling Soldier.
He took pictures of the soldiers reaching the shore of
Normandy, but these valuable photos were ruined later.
He named his autobiography
after this event: „Slightly
out of focus” – My
memories from the war.
The Life magazine sent him to
Indochina on the grounds of
reporting the French Conquest.
He passed over a mine and died there, on the 25th of May in
As he said: „If your pictures aren’t good enough, you didn’t go
close enough.”