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Vintage Tech Recyclers
Our Information
Vintage Tech Recyclers Inc. is located in the Chicagoland area, and we are an asset recovery and
recycling company. Our main focus is keeping electronics out of landfills and helping you
recover some of your electronic assets. We recycle equipment that cannot be reused, and resell valuable equipment to help you earn a profit for retired electronic assets.
We service the entire Chicagoland area, Southern Wisconsin, and Indiana. We have gone to
other states by special request to help our current clients. If you need assistance in other
states, we have some partners around the United States that can help us.
Here is our simple process
-We will be happy to help you evaluate your recycling needs and offer you the services that will
help you achieve your recycling goals
-Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you
-We will pick-up and palletize the equipment at your facility
-Document all equipment received
-Remove all company information and software permanently from the hard drive
-Refurbish anything we can for re-use
-Resell the equipment that has value
-Return a portion of the profits to you
-For equipment that is not re-usable, we will send it to be shredded or melted down
-Last you will receive a certificate of recycling
Why should your organization Recycle?
-To keep the following hazardous material out of our landfills
-Each monitor contains 2-4 pounds of lead
-Every computer has Chromium, Beryllium, Mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, Zinc, and Lead
-These are all very dangerous to our health and environment, if they are not disposed of safely
-Recycling creates jobs
-Recycling can help put computers into the schools and homes of people who cannot afford new
Besides giving a new life to “out of date electronics”, we have created a few jobs and are doing a great
service to the environment.
25503 W Ruff St
Plainfield, IL 60585
Phone (815) 609-7013
Cell (630) 640-1968
Vintage Tech Recyclers
The types of equipment we accept
We will pick up all working & non-working equipment.
All types of memory sticks
Printer Cartridges
All laptops and laptop accessories
All hard drives
Power cables
All networking equipment (hubs, routers, servers, switch, etc.)
Fax machines
Cell Phones
Call us if you have something to recycle that is not on this list
Faster, more advanced computers, cell phones and electronics offer endless
possibilities for enrichment, learning and entertainment. But as consumers and
businesses keep pace with the introduction of exciting new products, we are faced
with a mounting challenge: what to do with the products we’re upgrading from.
It’s no small issue. Hundreds of millions of retired computers, cell phones and
electronics sit idle or are discarded by consumers and businesses every year. We need
to make smart choices about what we do with these products to help ensure a clean
environment for future generations. The longer these items sit in storage the more
value they lose. Equipment can depreciate up to 10% monthly.
Keep yourself out of hot water
Complying with government regulations for recycling electronics equipment isn't just
smart, it's the law. The cost of fines your company could pay is significant if you
improperly dispose of computer electronics equipment in a landfill.
Contact Us:
Karrie Gibson 815-609-7013 or 630-640-1968
We can help you recycle, re-sell, or purchase your old equipment.
Thank you for being a partner in keeping the environment clean with us!