Genetics PAP Review

Cell Transport PAP Review
Answer all questions on separate sheets of paper. Must be 100% complete
for credit. Do not type.
Short Answer: Be sure to show all of your work and answer questions
1. How do you tell in what direction molecules will move? How does this
relate to which side of a u shaped tube will rise if water is moving across a
membrane in the tube?
2. Draw and label the following parts of a cell membrane. Be sure to label
which layers are hydrophilic and hydrophobic.
a. Phospholipid bilayer
b. Integral (carrier) proteins
c. Peripheral proteins
d. Phosphate heads
e. Fatty acid tails
f. Cholesterol
3. Draw and label a cell BEFORE AND AFTER it has been placed in each of
the following solutions. Label each set with the proper term –
a. Saltwater
b. Freshwater
c. Saline solution
4. When you put a salt water fish in fresh water, why does it die?
5. Why would drinking salt water eventually kill you?
6. Why does soaking your feet in Epsom salts reduce swelling?
7. List and DESCRIBE the four factors that affect the rate of diffusion.
8. Draw and label with the proper form of transport each of the following:
a. A cell drinking water
b. A cell eating a bacteria
c. Fresh water moving into a single celled organism
d. Sodium ions being pumped out of a red blood cell
e. Oxygen molecules moving from the lungs to the blood stream
f. Carrier proteins transporting glucose into a muscle cell
9. Explain what happened when a cell reaches equilibrium. Do molecules
stop moving across the membrane when equilibrium is reached? Explain
your answer.
10. If you place 60% starch solution into dialysis tubing and this sac is placed
into a beaker of iodine solution, where will movement of molecules occur
and what will be the result? (You may explain or draw pictures to provide
your answers.)
11. If an artificial cell contains 30% sucrose solution and it is placed in a
container of 50% sucrose solution what will happen to the cell?
12. Compare the concept of homeostasis to a tightrope walker trying to
maintain balance high above the ground.
These are vocabulary words you will need to know for this test. If you do
not know the meaning of any of these words look it up!
1. Facilitated diffusion
2. Turgor pressure
3. Cytolysis
4. Plasmolysis
5. Phagocytosis
6. Pinocytosis
7. Hypotonic solution
8. Hypertonic solution
9. Isotonic solution
10. Endocytosis
11. Exocytosis
12. Diffusion
13. Osmosis
14. Wilting
15. Active transport
16. Passive transport
17. Contractile vacuole
18. Solute
19. Solvent
20. Semipermeable/selectively permeable