ASX Listing Rules Appendix 3A

Appendix 3A
Appendix 3A
The days indicated in the “Business day” column reflect completion of the event in the minimum (or
maximum) time limit specified for that event.
Record date
If ASX agrees to quote an entity’s securities on a “cum” then “ex” basis after the entity
announces a +record date, the entity must follow the time limits set out in this timetable when
announcing the +record date.
Time Limits
Entity announces +corporate action and
+record date.
Business day
quoted on a “cum” basis, unless
ASX decides otherwise.
Note: securities are quoted on an “ex” basis, unless
ASX decides otherwise, 2 business days before the
record date (ie day 3).
date to identify +security holders
entitled to participate in the +corporate
At least 5 +business days after
announcement of +record date
Introduced 01/07/96 Origin: Listing Rule 3A(5)(a), Procedure 1(f) Amended 01/02/99, 14/04/14
Cross reference: Appendices 3A.1-3A.6 for information requirements regarding corporate actions with record dates, Appendix
6A(2) for the record date for interest on quoted debt securities and convertible debt securities. See also rules 7.13, 7.14, 7.15.
+ See chapter 19 for defined terms
22 September 2014
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