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Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, Texas
November 4th – 6th, 2011
1817 Wilson Drive
Nacogdoches, TX 75965
936-468-3507 Office
936-468-7052 Fax
Dear Players and Officials:
On behalf of Stephen F. Austin State University and the Campus Recreation Department, we
welcome you to the 2011 NIRSA NCCS Region 4 Flag Football Tournament sponsored by the
National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), Stephen F. Austin State University,
and the city of Nacogdoches, TX.
Nacogdoches has been home to Stephen F. Austin State University since 1923. The campus has
undergone much change over the past five years, including new residence halls, new student
areas, and most importantly a new Student Recreation Center. The addition of the Student
Recreation Center has reinvigorated the recreational nature of this campus and with that focus
we are proud to show off our new facility as well as our new department.
Stephen F. Austin State University is excited about this opportunity to host such a prestigious event
for this region. Football runs deep in the heart of Texas and Nacogdoches is no different. We
knew this would be a great adventure to undertake, and thanks to the region, NIRSA and you,
we will be host to one of the largest tournaments of this kind in the country for this level of
We hope this weekend is an unforgettable experience for all involved. While in Nacogdoches,
we hope that you enjoy your time in this quaint community. Take time to tour the newly built
Student Recreation Center and the newly renovated Baker Pattillo Student Center.
Please enjoy our facilities, your time in Nacogdoches, and good luck in all of the games.
Brian Mills
Assistant Director-Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, and Summer Camps
Tournament Director
Travis Lankford
Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant
Assistant Tournament Director
Ryan Almon
Graduate Intern Sport Clubs and Intramural Sports
Assistant Tournament Director
Joe Wise
Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant
Assistant Tournament Director
The 2010 NIRSA National Flag Football Championship will
be held at the Texas A&M University the week of January
4th – 6th, 2012. For more information, please visit:
Tournament Staff
Host Committee (Stephen F. Austin State University)
Brian Mills - Tournament Consigliore
Travis Lankford –Tournament Director
Joe Wise –Tournament Director
Ryan Almon –Tournament Director
Debbie Norris - Host Committee Staff
Kenny Norris – Operations/Logistics
Ken Morton – Director of Campus Recreation
Janice Casper – Registration
Katie Van Dunk - Promotions
Dan Belcher – Operations/Logistics
Steve Dooling
Lauren Smith
Nathan Rector
Tony Hendsill
Kelley Consford
Officials Committee
Jack Harper – Southern Methodist University Chair of Officials Committee
Sheldon tate – Texas Christian University
Cody Jennings – UT-Pan Am
Drew Barfield – UT-Arlington
Josh Dietrich – University of North Texas
John Wilson – University of Louisiana – Lafayette
Adam McKnight – Tyler Junior College
Brett Jackson – Texas Tech
Darci Doll – The University of Texas at Austin
Britton Sherry - University of North Texas
Rob Marks – The University of Houston
Officials Sub-Committee
Sara Tsivikis – Oklahoma State University
Jason Morgan – Lamar University
Brandon Smith – The University of Houston
Ian Bossert – Oklahoma State University
Matt lee - Oklahoma State University
All-Tournament Committee
Anna Castillo – Southwestern Chair of All-Tournament Committee
Oscee Wheatfall – Texas A&M
Justin Stafford – Rice University
Mike Chadee – UT SW Medical
Jeremy Lewis – Texas Southern
Jason Harrington – Lamar University
Falan Davis – Texas Southern
Chris Watkins – Rice University
Andrew Chaddick – UT-San Antonio
Josh Ashy – Texas A&M
Operations and Logistics Committee
Dan Belcher – Stephen F. Austin State University – Chair of Operations/Logistics
JP LeCroix – Lamar University
LaTija Kelso - Texas Southern University
Ryan Brown – University of North Texas
Arienne Judy - Oklahoma State University
Jon Hager - The University of Texas at Austin
Kass Kramer – Sam Houston State University
Daniel Erickson – Sam Houston State University
Tournament Officials
NIRSA NCCS Regional Flag Football Tournament for collegiate
men’s, women's and co-rec teams. Open to all university/college
affiliated intramural sports teams. Any intramural sports team can
participate; you do not have to be intramural sports champions.
Nacogdoches, TX – the Oldest Town in Texas – is located in beautiful
Texas Forest Country and surrounded by bountiful natural resources. We are a community rich in
history, large enough to provide a thriving economy, yet small enough to retain one-of-a-kind charm
and friendliness. The City serves its citizens with a wonderful quality of life; a safe haven with low
crime rate, excellent fire and safety services, and abundant recreational opportunities. We are
located approximately 2 hours from Houston, approximately 1.5 hours south of Tyler, TX,
approximately 3 hours from Dallas, TX, and approximately 2 hours from Shreveport, LA.
The weekend of November 4 – November 6. Be prepared to play games on Friday early afternoon
(around 2p). There will also be a captains meeting Friday evening which is mandatory for all team
captains to attend. Captains meetings are Friday, November 4, 2011 at 12:30p, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00p
in the Student Rec Center or Saturday morning at 7:30a at tournament headquarters on the
Entry Fees:
NIRSA Institutional Member: $300.00 received on or before Friday, October 21, 2011
Non-NIRSA Institutional Member: $325.00 received on or before Friday, October 21, 2011
Late Registration for all: $350.00 received on or after Monday, October 24, 2011
Deadline: Entries must be received by Monday, October 31, 2011 by 5:00p.
Team Limit: we will limit spots to 75 teams combined.
Credit cards can be accepted over the phone to secure early bird deadline prices. They will be
charged for early bird registration price. Please pay by university check, cashier check or money
order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS!!! If paying by check, make payable to: Stephen F. Austin
Campus Recreation.
All teams are guaranteed two (2) games. First round games are pool play. Single elimination
tournament play will be determined by team entries and will begin Saturday afternoon/evening. Team
play may begin as early as Friday, November 4, 2011 at 2:00p. We are expecting 60-75 teams, so
games will be starting early on Friday afternoon. Please make travel plans accordingly. Two of three
teams in a pool will play Friday.
Forms can be printed online. Payment can be received through SFA website with credit cards. All
teams must submit an official registration form, enrollment verification form, individual waiver of
liability (not included in packet), and team Code of Conduct (not available in packet). Complete the
team roster and mail it to the address below along with your entry fee. This information may also be
faxed. If you choose to fax your roster the entry fee must be received by 4:00p Friday, October 21,
2011 to secure your spot at the early bird price. There are a limited number of spots so get your
registration in early. The roster must include the signature of the institution's Intramural Sports
administrator verifying the player roster meets eligibility requirements.
Prize Package: Regional champion teams will receive a travel stipend from NIRSA and paid team entry fee to the
NIRSA National Flag Football Championships paid for by SFASU. The NIRSA National tournament
will be held the week of January 4 – 6, 2012 hosted by Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.
For more info go to the web site
Please bring two sets of uniforms (light and dark) with numbers on the back. All team members must
present a valid school ID card or driver’s license at each game. Mesh pinnies will be available if
Tournament Sponsors
NCCS Eligibility Guidelines
Updated: October 11, 2010
Please note, the 2011-2012 NIRSA NCCS Eligibility Guidelines have NOT CHANGED since last season.
There were significant changes from the 2009-2010 to 2010-2011 season. Review carefully and contact
Valerie McCutchan or (541) 766-8211 if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the
Player Eligibility:
Players must be enrolled for the minimum number of hours (listed below) for at least 45 days prior
to the beginning of the championship event.
o Undergraduates - minimum of ½ full-time enrollment status
o Graduate - minimum of six credit hours
o If a player is a graduating senior, and taking less than the required hours to fulfill their
graduation requirements, submit a letter from the registrar along with the registration
materials stating that the player will be graduating the same term of the event.
o For NCCS events that occur during an academic break, the preceding term will be used to
determine eligibility.
o Participants from schools on the quarter system must meet the eligibility requirements of the
half time enrollment for both the current and the preceding quarter.
Players are limited to six appearances in NCCS/NIRSA National events or appearing on a varsity
roster per sport. These appearances can be nonconsecutive, but after any six appearances on a roster
in the same sport eligibility is exhausted.
o Beginning in the fall of 2010, anyone participating as a first-time participant has six years of
eligibility per sport at NCCS/NIRSA events. Players that have appeared on a NCCS/NIRSA
roster in the same sport between the fall of 2005 and spring 2010 also have six appearances
that can also be nonconsecutive. Any players that appeared on a NCCS/NIRSA event roster
or varsity squad list prior to the fall of 2005 are no longer eligible to participate in
NCCS/NIRSA events. If a player has appeared on a "varsity squad list" at any two-year or
four-year college varsity team in the same sport, this also constitutes a year(s) of used
eligibility. If a student played on varsity sport for two years, they still have four appearances
left at NCCS/NIRSA events (so long as their team doesn't exceed the maximum number of
varsity players).
Players must not be listed on the varsity roster (or "Squad List") in the same or related sport for the
current academic year.
o Exceptions may be granted to any player that was listed on the roster for less than three
o If a former varsity player has been listed on a varsity roster or "squad list" for four or five
academic years, that player is not eligible for NCCS competition until after one full
academic year has lapsed from the final academic year they were listed on a school's varsity
squad list.
The following matrix can be used to clarify eligibility and classification:
Current Academic
Current AY:
On a Varsity
Year (AY):
Greater than 3 1 AY2 AYs3 AYs4 AYs5 AYs6 AYs
Squad List for
Less than or equal to
3 weeks
Eligible to
Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* No
Label as Former
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
# years of
* must be removed one full academic year from last year on squad list
AY = Academic Year
Players have never been declared a professional athlete in the same or related sport.
o A professional athlete is one who receives any kind of payment, directly or indirectly, for
athletic participation, or who has participated in competition with a professional team.
o A professional athletics team is any organized team that provides any of its players more
than actual and necessary expenses for participation on the team and/or declares itself to be
Team Eligibility
All team players must attend the same institution from any two or four year degree-granting college
or university.
Teams representing military installations are eligible to compete, so long as all members of those
teams are assigned to the same military installation.
No women are allowed to compete on a men's team, and no men are allowed to compete on a
women's team.
Teams are limited to number of former varsity player(s) (listed below) they can register. A former
varsity player is defined as a student who has been listed on a "school's varsity squad list" for any 2year or 4-year college/university team for more than one academic year:
o Basketball - 1 athlete
o Flag Football - 2 athletes
o Volleyball - 2 athletes
o Tennis - 1 athlete
o Soccer - 3 athletes
Regional/National NCCS events Student Officials Eligibility
Officials must meet the same enrollment eligibility criteria as players throughout the NCCS event:
half-time for undergraduates and at least six hours for graduates at their representing institution.
The NCCS believes good sportsmanship is an integral component of intercollegiate competition. We
wholeheartedly embrace the position that, in order for sportsmanship to prevail, coaches, student-athletes,
and fans must display respect, fairness, civility, honesty, and responsibility before, during and after all
athletic contests. We encourage fans to enthusiastically support their team, recognize the outstanding
performance of opponents, and always exhibit good sportsmanship in their words and actions.
The NCCS encourages and promotes sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, and spectators. Offensive
language including profanity, racial or ethnic slurs or other intimidating actions directed at officials, event
staff, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal
from the competition site.
Standards of Conduct (Updated: October 31, 2007)
The Code of Conduct shall serve as a standard for how individuals are expected to behave when
participating in a NIRSA National Campus Championship Series (NCCS) event. Students and staff enrolled
in an institution of higher learning assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible
with the college/university's function as an educational institution. When involved in an event sponsored or
endorsed by NCCS, the participant indicates, by his or her registration in the event, he or she agrees to
represent his or her club/team and college/university in a way that does not detract from the reputation of
the institution he or she represents, and to act morally and display sportsmanship-like behavior, before,
during and after any competition. Guidelines of conduct include, but are not limited to, the examples
outlined below.
Guidelines of conduct include, but are not limited to the examples outlined below.
Participants shall not:
Use drugs, except for medical purposes, while traveling, competing, socializing
and/or using facilities including lodging spaces.
Consume alcohol while traveling, competing or spectating.
Attend any part of the tournament or tournament events while intoxicated.
Strike, attempt to strike or otherwise physically abuse any individual.
Intentionally engage in or incite participants and/or spectators to engage in abusive or
violent conduct.
Use verbal, or non-verbal profanity, disrespectful language, obscene gestures or
Violate any rules or policies of the NIRSA Championships, Tournament
Hotels/Facilities, or city, state or governmental entities.
Violation of the Standards of Conduct may result in:
Suspension from the game/match;
Suspension from the Tournament;
Forfeiture of any individual or team awards;
Ejection from the Tournament hotel(s);
Forfeiture of all games/matches won and possible team elimination from current and
future NIRSA sponsored or endorsed events;
Liability for all monetary damages arising from, or caused by, a participant’s conduct
while participating in, and attending, a NIRSA Tournament.
Notification to University Officials for any violation of the Standards of Conduct by
an individual or team.
IMS Directors must sign off on all teams, roster
changes, and officials.
Appeals Process
Check the NIRSA website at for appeals process or contact Brian Mills (Tournament
Director) for more information.
La Quinta Inn
3215 South St.
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Phone: (936) 560-5453
Fax: (936) 560-4372
Two double beds = $69.00+tax for Friday night, $72.00+tax for Saturday night(Tax exempt forms accepted, does not exempt from city taxes)
Block name: NIRSA
34 doubles for Friday
32 doubles for Saturday
Cut Off Date: October 21, 2011
Directions to SFA IMS Fields
Total distance – 3.77 miles
1. Turn right out of hotel onto South Street and go north
2. South Street turns into North Street when you hit downtown. Stay straight on North Street.
3. Turn RIGHT onto East Starr (university starts 1 block down Starr on your left).
Stay on Starr until you pass tennis complex on left – turn LEFT onto Wilson Dr.
4. Park in Lot 53 or on Wilson Dr. next to tennis complex, just south of Student Rec Center
Best Western Inn on South Street
3428 South St.
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Phone: 936/560-4900
Fax: 936/569-9752
Two double beds or one king = $76.00+tax /night for 2-4 people (Tax exempt forms accepted, does not exempt from city taxes)
Block name: Flag Football
15 double, 10 kings
Cut Off Date: October 23, 2011
Directions to SFA IMS Fields
Total distance – 3.79 miles
1. Turn left out of hotel onto South Street and go north
2. South Street turns into North Street when you hit downtown. Stay straight on North Street.
3. Turn RIGHT onto East Starr (university starts 1 block down Starr on your left).
Stay on Starr until you pass tennis complex on left – turn LEFT onto Wilson Dr.
4. Park in Lot 53 or on Wilson Dr. next to tennis complex, just south of Student Rec Center
Best Western Northpark (on loop 224 on north side of Nacogdoches)
4809 NW Stallings Dr
Nacogdoches, TX 75964
(936) 560-1906
30 doubles (10 smoking, 20 non-smoking) = $75+tax/night
Block name: NIRSA
Cut Off Date: October 24, 2011
Directions to SFA IMS Fields
Total distance – 4.5 miles
1. Turn left out of hotel onto North Stallings Drive
2. Turn right onto North Street
3. Turn left onto College St
4. Turn right on Wilson Dr.
5. Park in Lot 53 or on Wilson Dr. next to tennis complex, just south of Student Rec Center
Tournament Rules
Team Check-In:
Friday, November 4, 2011
10am-7pm in the North Lobby in Student Recreation Center
Saturday, November 5, 2011
7:15am-9am at the Tournament Headquarters on IMS Fields
Captain’s Meeting
Friday, November 4, 2011
12:30p, 2pm, 4pm or 6pm in the Meeting Room at Student Recreation Center
Saturday, November 5, 2011
7:15am at the Tournament Headquarters on IMS Fields
Games will be officiated according to NIRSA rules with some exceptions.
All teams will participate in pool play, and the top two teams from each pool will advance to a singleelimination playoff bracket. Each team is guaranteed at least two (2) scheduled games.
Game time is forfeit time. Men's and Women's teams must have at least 5 players present and ready to play
to start a game and Co-Rec teams must have at least 6 players to start a game.
Individual players are allowed to play on one men’s or women’s team and one co-rec team. We will do
everything we can to avoid scheduling conflicts during pool play. Conflicts in scheduling will be
inevitable during elimination play, so teams and players will have to make choices until we get to semifinals and championships for all divisions. At that time, tournament integrity becomes priority #1 and
we will adjust schedules to ensure we play all needed games.
Teams must provide their own jerseys with numbers on front and/or back.
Footballs will NOT be available.
Flag belts will be provided for each game and only tournament flag belts may be worn during play.
Certified Athletic Trainers will be on duty during all tournament games.
Any players wishing to tape ankles must provide their own pre-wrap and tape.
The Game
Playing time shall be 48 minutes, divided into four periods of 12 minutes each.
Halftime shall be 3-5 minutes long.
ALL GAMES: the clock shall run continuously until the last one minute of each half only.
o Clock will stop outside of the final one minute for time outs and injury time outs only.
The Field
The field shall be 100 yards by 40 yards, including two 10 yard end zones. The length of the field shall be
lined at 20 yard intervals from goal line to goal line.
There shall be two (2) inbounds lines (hash marks). They shall run parallel with each sideline, and located 15
yards “in” from each sideline.
A team shall consist of seven (7) players on the field for men’s and women’s competition and eight (8)
players for co-rec competition.
To avoid a forfeit, a team must have at least five (5) players to start a game in men’s and women’s
competition and six (6) players for co-rec competition.
Start of the Game
A game will begin with a coin toss. Options for the coin toss are given to the winner and those choices are:
offense, defense, choose a side to defend, or defer your choice to the 2nd half.
Players may enter or leave the game an unlimited number of times. Substitutions may only enter during dead
ball periods.
Substitutions must enter and leave the field from their respective sideline.
Each team is allowed three (3) time-outs per half. These time-outs shall be one (1) minute in length. Unused
time-outs from the first half do not carry over to the second and second half time-outs do not carry over to
Touchdown = 6 points men’s and women’s play
Touchdown = rushing or passing by a female or passing a touchdown involving a female either throwing or
receiving in co-rec competition = 9 points
Safety = 2 points
Try from 3 yard line = 1 point
Try from 10 yard line = 2 points
Try from 20 yard line = 3 points
Return of intercepted try = ball is declared dead immediately on all interception of try
Mercy Rule
If a team is 19 points (25 points in co-rec) or more ahead when the one minute warning during the 4th period,
the game is over. If the one minute warning is given and a try needs to be made following a score, play out
the un-timed down before evoking the mercy rule.
The same rule applies if a team scores inside the final one minute with this differential.
Pool Play Tie-Breaker
The official order of finish in qualifying pool play shall be determined by the Tournament Director based
upon the following criteria:
o If a two-way tie exists, it will be decided by who beat whom in head-to-head competition.
o If a three-way tie exists, it will be determined as follows:
 Forfeit – The team that forfeits is dropped to the lowest possible position among the three or
four tied teams.
 The difference between total points scored versus the total points allowed.
o If two teams have the same point differential, then who beat whom in head-to-head competition will
determine playoff placement.
o If all three teams have the same point differential, then the total points scored will determine playoff
o If two teams have scored the same number of points, then who beat whom in head-to-head
competition will determine playoff placement.
o If all three teams have scored the same number of points, then the fewest points allowed will
determine playoff placement.
o If two teams have allowed the same number of points, then who beat whom in head-to-head
competition will determine playoff placement.
In the event of a tie, a coin toss shall determine the first possession.
The same team calling the opening toss will call the overtime toss.
Options are given to winning captain of toss and those options are: offense, defense, or choose side to play
overtime on.
If multiple overtimes are needed, captains shall alternate choices but we will not move from the starting side
of the field.
Both teams shall play in the same direction.
Each team will be given four (4) downs from the same 10 yard line.
Extra points will be attempted as in regulation play.
If the defense intercepts the ball the play is dead. The ball will be placed on the 10 yard line and four downs
will be awarded if needed.
Each team is entitled one time out only during the entire overtime period.
Player Equipment
Teams must bring their own jerseys with numbers. It is a good idea to bring multiple colors of jerseys (light
and dark). If a team does not have a jersey or two teams show up with the like colored jersey, mesh pennies
will be available.
Jerseys must stay tucked in or be at least four (4) inches above the flag belt line.
Shorts or pants CAN NOT have pockets, exterior drawstrings or metal fasteners.
Shoes must be closed toed athletic shoes. Steel or metal cleats are not allowed.
The use of headgear, jewelry, body pads, or any unyielding or dangerous equipment is prohibited.
Headwear containing any hard, unyielding stiff material, including billed hats, or items containing exposed
knots are prohibited.
Flag belts will be provided and tournament provided flag belts are the only ones allowed to be worn during
Players may wear pliable and non-rigid sunglasses.
Sportsmanship Standard
A second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on a player, fan or coach in a single game will result in that
player being ejected from the game. Ejected players must leave the playing area and vacate the field complex
until their team has completed the game. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF SOUND
o Any participant (player, coach, fan) ejected for sportsmanship related issues will be suspended from
the team’s next game and must meet with the tournament director or assistant director prior to their
next scheduled game.
o A second ejection by the same player will result in their removal from the tournament and they will
not be allowed to participate in future extramural events hosted by SFA.
Any participant ejected for intentionally contacting a game official will be suspended for the remainder of
the tournament and will not be allowed to participate in future extramural events hosted by SFA and will be
removed from the complex for the entirety of the tournament.
A player, coach or fan will be removed from the tournament if they receive a 3rd unsportsmanlike conduct
anytime during the tournament.
A team that accumulates four (4) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in one game will immediately forfeit the
game and can be removed from the tournament by the tournament director or placed on probation for
remainder of tournament.
o A meeting with the team representative and tournament director must take place prior to a decision
being made as to whether the team will continue play.
A team will be immediately eliminated from play upon receiving their 5th unsportsmanlike penalty.
Unsportsmanlike penalties by the crowd will be assessed to the captain of the team.
Unsportsmanlike penalties can be assessed before, during or following the game.
Any player ejected or suspended from the tournament will be reported to their respective institution.
All-Tournament Player Selections Info
All players will be eligible to receive All-Tournament selections for their performance in this tournament.
The criteria for All-Tournament selection is listed below:
1. No unsportsmanlike penalties against the player;
2. Team must make elimination play;
3. Must demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout the tournament; win or lose;
4. Overall tournament performance;
5. Attitude, sportsmanship, gamesmanship, representation of institution.
All-Tournament selections will be announced during the Awards Ceremony. Selected players who are at
the awards ceremony will be given an award. Players not present will have award mailed to their institution
within two weeks following the tournament.
All-Tournament Selections by division:
Men’s – 7 All-Tournament Selections, 1 MVP Award
Women’s – 7 All-Tournament Selections, 1 MVP Award
Co-Rec -8 All-Tournament Selections, 1 MVP Award
Stats will be kept throughout the tournament and tracked using IMTrack. If a team would like to have a
copy of their stats (TD’s scored, Interceptions, Sacks, and Great Plays), just go to the Tournament
Headquarters and ask for a copy. We will have all stats for every team on the website at the end of the
All-Tournament Official Selection Info
Each official working this tournament has been selected by their institution to represent that school. These
officials have worked countless hours in classrooms, on the field and other locations to prepare for this
event. They will be showcasing their skills throughout this tournament in a similar way to the players. At
the conclusion of the tournament, four (4) officials will be selected as All-Tournament Officials and those
four will have the opportunity to travel to and officiate the NIRSA National Flag Football Championships
hosted by Texas A&M University January 4-6, 2011.
Selection of All-Tournament Officials will be made using the following criteria:
1. Overall tournament performance
2. Being responsible in all off-field actions and a good representative of his or her respective
institution and of the tournament and its staff (e.g. attendance at all meetings, etc)
3. Attitude, receptivity for critique, communication, leadership with other officials, and improvement.
In addition to the Officials Committee, the tournament officials should be given an opportunity to voice
their opinions about the best officials at the tournament. This can be done most effectively via private
Championship Awards
A champion will be crowned for the men’s division, women’s division and co-rec division. The
championship games will be played on field 7 on Sunday afternoon. The awards ceremony will be held
immediately following the men’s championship game in the Student Recreation Center main gym.
The winning teams will receive a championship trophy, championship t-shirts, and paid entry to the NIRSA
National Flag Football Tournament hosted by Texas A&M University in College Station, TX the week of
January 4-6, 2011. NIRSA and NCCS will provide a travel stipend to help offset the cost to the
championship team in each division based on the distance from the national tournament. Stephen F. Austin
State University will pay the entry fee for each champion to the national tournament.
All-Tournament Official selections will also have the opportunity to travel to Texas A&M University in
College Station, TX the week of January 4-6, 2011. Similar to the teams, each official will receive a travel
stipend from NIRSA to help offset the costs of the trip. The four selected officials will be given more
information following the tournament championship games.
More information will be given at the conclusion of the championship games.
Tournament Official Selection Process
Officials for the regional tournament will be selected based on the following process.
1. Number of officials needed for tournament is determined
2. Deadline for officials’ applications is Wednesday, October 19, 2011.
 Deadline will not be extended for any school, so please get information in as soon as
 Officials will be notified on Monday, October 25, 2010 as to their selection for the event.
3. Every school who applies gets one guaranteed based on school’s rankings
4. Number of guaranteed spots determines the number of at-large spots available
 If we need 42 officials to run the tourney and we have 21 schools apply, we have 21 at-large
spots selected by the tournament competition committee.
5. At-large spots will be selected based on school rankings, skills rankings, test score and learning
objectives essay written by the official.
REMINDER: Daylight
Saving Time Ends on
November 6, 2011 at
Please remember to set
your clocks back one
hour before you go to
bed on Saturday night.
Fields 8 - 11
Hotels (for most teams/staff)
Fields 1 - 7
Directions to Nac Sportsplex from SFA Field Complex
Go north on Wilson Dr to College – Turn Left
Go west on College to North St – Turn Right
Go north on North St to East Austin – Turn Left
Take East Austin until you get to intersection of Old Tyler Road / Fm 1638
– Turn Right
6. Take Old Tyler Road over the loop and after crossing over the loop take
immediate left
7. Take Right on FM 3314 to the right of McCoy’s Building Supply
8. Field complex is about 1/3 of a mile on your left
Loop / Stallings Dr.
Fields 8 - 11
East Austin
College St
Fields 1 - 7
IMS Field
Fields 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7
Location of Most Teams/Staff Hotels
Directions to Nacogdoches SportsPlex from Hotel Area (59 South and Loop
Take 59S North and go under loop 224 on right hand lane (right exit)
Take Loop 224 exit and loop around onto 224 west
Follow 224 until you see exit for Old Tyler Road/CR 1638 –take exit
Take a left at intersection and cross over Loop 224
Take immediate left towards McCoy’s Building Supply
Take immediate right onto FM 3314
8. Follow FM 3314 about ¼ of a mile and complex is on your left