Assignment 1

Assignment 1
write a one-page research paper to talk about some issues related to the sociology
lecture on names. You can choose from the two below and do only one:
1. Some famous entertainers or athletes or writers have names which are different
from their real names. Give three examples and tell briefly why they changed
their names.
2. Tell us how you got your Chinese name and English name. Do they have any
special meanings for you? If you can, will you change your names? Explain
your answer.
write it in the Word format and send your paper as an attachment to my email address:
make sure you put your school number + your Chinese name + the word “homework”
in the subject box in your email; for example, ‘497C0055 王慧婷 homework’.
Also don’t forget to put your number and Chinese name in your email signature and
your research paper. The deadline is 14:00, 2010/10/26.