My Chinese name “慧婷” is ... parents want me to be ...


My Chinese name “ 慧婷 ” is coming from fortune-telling. I think my parents want me to be an intelligent, wise and maybe also gentle. But they give me another explain for my name. “ 慧婷 ” sounds the same as “ 會停 ” in

Chinese. I have two elder sisters already. My mother hopes it will stop to have a girl baby next to me. So my name called “ 慧婷 ”, it means the next baby will be a boy.

It’s effective in choosing this name, because I have a “younger brother” now. Although my name’s meaning is not actually “good for me”, but it’s a special name for me. Not only comes from my parents, but also bring some lucky things to me. So I like this name anyway, I won’t change it in the future.

My English name just comes from an English website. I hope my name’s first letter is “S”. When I see this name: ”Syona”, I don’t know why, but it’s really touching me. The meaning of the name Syona is Happiness. The origin of the name is Indian (Sanskrit). I like this name very much. Although it’s not a common name and many people didn’t know how to pronounce it. But I don’t care. It shows that the name “Syona” is really special, right? And some foreign friends or teachers praise that “Syona” is a good name and suitable for me.

I will use this name “Syona” forever, just like my Chinese name. I won’t change it easily. Because it stand for “Who I am”, not just for good meaning or easy pronounce or something like that.