Dear Parents, This year we will use Edmodo in all 5th grade classes

Dear Parents,
This year we will use Edmodo in all 5th grade classes. Edmodo is a free and secure
learning network for teachers, students, and schools. It provides a safe way for us to
connect, share content, access homework, participate in discussions and receive class
Edmodo is accessible online and through any mobile device with Internet capabilities –
including free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Students can
access their account from any mobile device or computer, and set up notifications within
Edmodo to receive alerts/reminders via text or e-mail.
Edmodo will not be used as a social network like Facebook or MySpace. This tool will be
used strictly for educational purposes using the following guidelines:
Students will be required to use appropriate grammar instead of texting language
Edmodo does not allow private student-to-student messaging- the site will be
used to discuss school-related content only
No put-downs or sarcasm toward another’s ideas. All school rules and
consequences related to harassment apply
Students who violate the guidelines above may face disciplinary action
and/or face losing the privilege of using Edmodo.
Edmodo also offers parent accounts so you can join our classroom online. With Parent
Accounts, you can:
View your child’s homework assignments and due dates
Stay up to date on your child’s grades
Receive updates on class and school events
When a teacher is ready to use Edmodo in the classroom, your child and you will need to
register with a secure code, given to you by the teacher.
Only your child and his/her teachers will have access to the following:
Calendar: Assignments, events and upcoming tests will be clearly posted on the
Edmodo Calendar.
Library/Backpack: Handouts, PowerPoints, Links and Media will be easily accessible
in your child’s virtual library and backpack.
Badges: Your child will have the opportunity to earn virtual badges for a myriad of
Also, your child MAY be given the opportunity to have access to the
Assessments: Quizzes and polls to assess students’ learning during or after a unit of
Peer Reviews & Critiques: Students, in small groups, will post their work-inprogress to their group for peer review and feedback.
Writing Projects: Students will tap into individualism and build self-esteem by
sharing their writing projects with each other in Edmodo.
Build Digital Citizenship Skills: Enforcing online etiquette guidelines for students
when using Edmodo will help them build digital citizenship skills.
Language Practice: Students will practice their language skills, as well as spelling and
grammar, through conversations in Edmodo.
Book Clubs: Organized book groups in Edmodo encourage students to read and
discuss novels with each other.
Webinars & Workshops: Students may use Edmodo groups to participate in
Writing, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies webinars and workshops.
Mobile Learning: Teachers using Edmodo may integrate the Edmodo mobile app into
classroom curriculum to make learning interactive anytime, anywhere.
Project Based Learning: Project-based learning in the classroom is extended by
using Edmodo’s small-group feature.
Differentiated Instruction: Teachers can differentiate content in their classroom
through the use of small groups and shared folders.
Home-School Connection: Parents stay in the loop by accessing their Edmodo
We look forward to a great year as we meaningfully incorporate the use of technology
into our classroom curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s
homeroom teacher, Mrs. Reid, or Mrs. Brandon.
Thank you,
The 5th Grade Team