Stone Age Study Guide Test Date: Friday, December 9, 2011

Stone Age Study Guide
Test Date: Friday, December 9, 2011
Preparing for a test is HARD WORK! Are you prepared to commit to spending the time you need to prepare for
it? You need to begin studying on day one of the unit by reviewing your notes. Remember: Most people need to
read and see information many times before they learn and understand it.
The format of the test will be like the quizzes. You could see matching, fill-ins, multiple choice. You will
definitely see at least two 2 point questions and one 4 point question.
Make sure you know the vocabulary from this unit: Vocabulary is attached to concepts you need to have
Specialists: see page 40 of your Interactive Notebook
 Archeologist
 Botanist
 Chemist
 Geologist
 Linguist
 Paleoanthropology
 Artifact
 Fossils
Stone age: 2 parts:
 Old stone age = Paleolithic Era
 New stone age = Neolithic Era
Paleolithic Era: see pages 38-47 of your Interactive Notebooks
 Hominid
 Bipedal
 Hunter-gatherer
 Nomad
 Adapt
 Climate
 Neanderthal
 Art
Neolithic Era: see pages 48- current page of your Interactive Notebooks
 Agricultural revolution
 Cultivate
 Division of labor
 Domestication
 Culture
 Societies
 Hierarchy
 Egalitarian
 Artisan
There will be 2 and 4 point questions. They are HARD WORK! You must slow down and TAKE YOUR
TIME. It is very important. This type of question is a big part of your STATE TESTS, which you will take in
the spring!
You should be able to explain the following. Any of these topics are likely to show up as 2 and 4 point
1. Explain what a hunter-gather is and give examples for how he obtained food, clothing and shelter
2. Explain what it means to adapt to climate and vegetation and give examples.
3. Explain the use and control of fire.
4. Know what the specialists do and give examples
5. Explain the changes in tool-making and how these changes improved daily life of mankind
6. Know the two kinds of art left by Neanderthal man and give examples
7. Compare and contrast the difference between Paleolithic and Neolithic life
8. Compare and contrast social organization in the Neolithic Era, such as hierarchical and egalitarian
9. Explain the agricultural revolution and how this allowed mankind to specialize in jobs other than
hunting and gathering.
10. Realize that hunting continued as a sport, but that most meat was obtained through domestication of
11. Explain what finding the copper axe with the Ice Man tells about him.
You should review the quizzes from this unit.
You should review all the Target Practices from this unit. Cover your answers and retake them!
Remember the strategies we have learned in class for answering response questions. The strategies ARE NOT
OPTIONS! You must :
1. Read the question and underline your action words, box-in vocabulary words
2. Read the question again.
3. Answer the question.
4. Read the question a 3rd time.
5. Ask yourself: did I answer everything I underlined?
6. Read your answer.
7. Ask yourself: Does my answer make sense?
8. If it does, place a check mark at the bottom right corner of the box.
9. If it does not, go back to step one and start again.
I can and may take off points if you do not do these strategies!!!!!! Putting a check mark
has to show you did the strategies or it means nothing!