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Cornell Notes - Early Man

Cornell Notes
Lecture, reading/chapter/novel/article
during class, power point, movies (if need
to collect info.)
Name: ___________________________________
Date: ____________________________
Topic: Development of Early
Essential Question:
How did humankind develop from the Paleolithic Era to the agricultural
Notes: revolution?
Questions/Main Ideas:
How did physical geography
influence the lives of early
Early humans were _______________ and ________________ whose
survival depended on the availability of wild plants and animals.
What were the characteristics
of hunter gatherer societies?
Hunter-gatherer societies during the Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age)
• were _________________, migrating in search of food, water, shelter
• invented the first tools, including simple weapons
• learned how to make and use ___________________
• lived in _________________
• developed _________________ language
• created “______________ ______________.”
How did the beginning of
agriculture and the
domestication of animals
promote the rise of settled
Societies during the Neolithic Era (New Stone Age)
• developed agriculture (_________________________ plants)
• domesticated ___________________
• used __________________ tools
• made ___________________
• developed ____________________ skills.