The Power of Emotions in Advertising

The Power of Emotions in Advertising
What are they?
Why are they important in Advertising and Marketing?
Enhance Market Intelligence
Chart in-class:
Is this ad emotional?
Emotional Response and Intentions
The AdSAM® Model of Attitudes
Knowledge and Beliefs
Emotional Responses
Behavioral intentions and interest ‘in the
object, product or event
Conative attitude
(behavioral intentions and interest)
Cognitive attitude
(emotional responses)
knowledge and beliefs
Affective attitude
(knowledge and beliefs)
behavioral intentions and interest
emotional responses
The AdSAM® Model of Attitudes
Perhaps the most significant, recent finding is that although all three attitudes are
necessary for a complete understanding of human behavior
But emotional response is by far the most powerful predictor of behavior.
Clearly emotions and rational thoughts are interdependent, but the rational cues
strengths lie in the ability to determine which issues are driving the emotions.
Enhance Market Intelligence
All responses are a combination of rational and emotional components.
Greater insights are gained through an integrated understanding these components.
Attribute and Benefit Testing
Product Concept Testing
 Measure feelings evoked by concept to not only determine how appealing it is,
but how motivating and empowering.
 The emotional response has a strong link to purchase intent.
 Use correlation analysis to understand which attributes, benefits, or other factors
are most strongly linked to the emotional response.
• Provides greater diagnostics
• Is related to intentions
The AdSAM® Model of Attitudes
• Robust study of over 23,000 responses to 240 advertising messages
• Emotion shown to dominate over knowledge and beliefs for predicting intentions
Product Category
Predicting Intentions and Interest
Predicting Intentions
The AdSAM® Model of Attitudes
Emotions (i.e.: thankful, victorious, unexcited, embarrassed, or fearful) are both
descriptive and directive.
Examples of directives
• When choosing a celebrity for an ad
• Must consider the effects on the brand as well as the liking of the celebrity
Approach- Avoidance
Both can work for products
• The bottom line is do the feelings motivate people to approach a product?
• Either directly offering an appeal to approach; or
• Indirectly by avoiding a situation and thereby approaching our product
Influencer Study
• Key Findings