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Technology Offer


Energy-saving ecological construction of a residential house, production of alternative energy sources devices (Ref: 11 BG 0537 3MKW )



Bulgarian company is specialized in the field of construction of energy-saving eco-houses, production of electronic modules for on/off capacities and modules for utilising energy from alternative energy sources - wind engines, photovoltaic panels, solar panels, plant production and thermal accumulators.

The company is looking for a technological partnership and co-financing to complete the

basic model of energy independent eco-house construction and joint venture agreements.


The company offers a new product - energysaving eco-house built with independent energy units commanded by a local electronic control unit and remote control via Internet.

The idea is based on the EU directives regarding the implementation of renewable energy, energy saving requirements and initiatives regarding the new buildings, the large number of already existing buildings subject to full or partial rehabilitation (approximately 600 000 buildings in Bulgaria).

The concept of the energy-saving eco-house “Active House” involves the following components: photovoltaic panels, small wind engines and solar panels for hot water, thermal accumulators, improvements in the window frames (for better energy efficiency), thermal insulation, rainwater utilisation system, micro-treatment family wastewater system, biodiesel co-generator station for ground water utilisation, a small family station for the production of biodiesel, etc.

This new model for distribution of heat circulation is corresponding to a natural phenomenon with proven efficiency in extreme conditions. Deliberete selection of geometric objects and specific design contribute to the comfort of the people, as well as the reduced operation noise of the appliances.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

- prototype of energy-saving ecological construction of a residential house,

- high level of energy saving and energy efficiency,

- increased lifetime of appliances,

- recycled devices,

- reduced operation noise at lower speed,

- low production price.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

Industry; Information technology – electronics, Microelectronics; Energy

List of Keywords


Electronics, Microelectronics

Construction Technology

Building Materials, Components and Methods

Renewable Sources of Energy



Electronic Components

Alternative Energy

Pollution and Recycling Related


Further Information (Technical Details Concerning the Profile)

- A prototype of a small (family) wind engine - ecological, increased level of energy saving and energy efficiency, reduced operation noise at lower speed, the drive air flow components are recycled from used auto parts. - Electrical switchboards with capacitor-battery regulating the Phi cosine and increasing the lifetime of the electrical devices used - Ready for production after laboratory tests.

Current Stage of Development

Development phase - Laboratory tested

Exploitation of RTD Results

Private Research

Intellectual Property Rights

Others Comments

The company has registered several intellectual property rights

Collaboration Type

Joint Venture Agreement

Financial Resources


- Type of partner sought: Natural or legal entities interested in the production of power electronics, construction of energy-independent eco-housing production modules to utilize energy from renewables.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: electronics, construction, ecology, environment.

- Task to be performed by the partner sought:Co-financing / mortgage loans from banks with no branches in Bulgaria / to complete the basic model of energy independence in eco-house construction and further partnership in construction, establishing joint venture in the production of capacitor devices with electronic control, manufacturing of production modules for the utilization of alternative energy sources.

Targeted Countries

 Czech_Republic

 Germany

 Greece

 Italy

 Netherlands

 Poland

 Russian Federation

 Spain

 Turkey

Associated Thematic Group


Intelligent Energy

Sustainable Construction

Contact Details

Contact Person



Elena Boyadzhieva

+359 32 908999