English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Glasgow Life Area Teams provide community based English classes for
speakers of other languages (ESOL) across the city. Our courses are mostly
at introductory levels - equivalent to SCQF Levels 2-4. Our classes are free of
charge and are open to any adults in Glasgow who’s first language is not
English. We welcome people from settled black and minority ethnic
communities in the city, refugees/asylum seeker communities, all EU
countries, and anywhere else in the world.
Participants negotiate their learning plans with our tutors. Typically,
participants learn to carry out everyday transactions in English; improve their
conversational English, and learn basic English grammar. Learners are also
offered support and encouragement to progress with their learning.
Contact your local Area Services Team office for more information.
East: 0141 276 1785 communitieseast@glasgowlife.org.uk
South East: 0141 276 1330 communitiessoutheast@glasgowlife.org.uk
South West: 0141 276 8770 communitiessouthwest@glasgowlife.org.uk
North: 0141 276 0920 communitiesnorth@glasgowlife.org.uk
West: 0141 276 1525 communitieswest@glasgowlife.org.uk