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Loop Diathermy
The aim of the treatment is to remove all
the abnormal cells without affecting too
much normal skin.
Loop diathermy is a quick heat-based
treatment. A thin wire loop cuts through
and removes the abnormal area of cells on
your cervix.
A local anaesthetic is given to freeze the
area. There may be slight discomfort but it
should not be painful. There may also be a
slight burning smell as the abnormal cells
are removed. The whole procedure takes
only 5-10 minutes.
What Should I Expect After
My Treatment?
BLEEDING – You will experience some
bleeding. If excessive, for example soaking
through sanitary towels, contact NHS 24 /
or your local A&E. Do not use tampons for
the bleeding as it can make the bleeding
last longer.
PAIN – You may experience abdominal
cramps for a few days. Take simple painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol if
DISCHARGE – You may experience a watery,
blood-stained discharge for 4-6 weeks until
the treated area of the cervix has healed. A
foul-smelling discharge is not normal. Please
contact the Colposcopy Clinic or your GP
for advice.
HYGIENE / HOT BATH – Avoid taking a hot
bath tonight. A shower or lukewarm bath
should be fine.
INTERCOURSE – Avoid sexual intercourse
until the bleeding and discharge have
settled, due to the risk of infection and
potential discomfort. After that your sex life
should be completely unaffected.
You may feel tired, upset or weepy for a
couple of days after your treatment. This is
quite normal and can be a natural reaction
to the worry of having this minor operation.
Treatment of your cervix is very effective.
We know that over 95% of women have no
further problem after treatment for
pre-cancerous cells of the cervix.
Do not hesitate to phone if you experience
any unexpected or severe side-effects.
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