Drawing & Painting Pets & Animals

Material List
Drawing & Painting Pets & Animals
Adult A/W Programme 2015/16
Jackie Anderson Sampaio
 Pencils (2B or 4B), sharpener, eraser.
 Charcoal and/ or red conte pencil, putty rubber, craft knife.
 Soft Pastels (If you need to buy a set Rembrandt pastels are
 Drawing inks and dip pen. Quink is a good water soluble
option. Windsor and Newton ink is a good water resistant
option. It’s handy to have one water soluble ink for washes
and one water resistant ink, any colour is fine.
 Watercolour paints, watercolour brushes. (Pan or tube sets
are both fine, Windsor and Newton have a good quality sets)
 Other paints: If you want to use acrylics, oils or goache then
that’s fine, bring them in! If you’d rather stick to watercolour
that’s fine too.)
 Cartridge paper
 Pastel Paper (neutral mid tone paper is ideal)
 Watercolour paper
 Sundries: Drawing board (if you have one, otherwise there
are some available at Kilmardinny) Jam jars, paper towels,
gummed paper and sponge if you want to stretch the
watercolour paper.
Recommended Art Material Suppliers
Cass Art
0141 248 5899
63 – 67 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3EN
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Millers Art Store
0141 553 1660
28 Stockwell Street, Glasgow
The Art Store
0141 221 1101
94 Queen Street, Glasgow
ArtWorld Online ~
Lennoxtown based online supplier: www.artworldonline.co.uk
Atlantis Art Materials (mail order) 0207377
mail@atlantis.co.uk www.atlantisart.co.uk
Art Van Go (mail order) 01438 814 946
art@artvango.co.uk www.artvango.co.uk
Specialist Crafts (mail order) 0116 269 7711
info@specialistcrafts.co.uk www.specialistcrafts.co.uk
Ken Bromley Art Supplies (online)
Purple Edge Graphics
0141 942 0183
130a Drymen Road, Bearsen G61 3RB
Students should ask art shop staff for assistance when sourcing
art materials,
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