Hever Castle - Primary Resources

Hever Castle
1. As you walk along the drive you see yew bushes cut into different
shapes. What shapes can you see?
2. Looking at the front of the castle you can see several different
ways in which it could be defended. Name as many as you can.
Castle Courtyard
3. Which family lived here
during the reign of King
Henry VIII?
4. Which member of the
family became famous and
what happened to her?
Inner Hall
5. The inner hall was the kitchen in Tudor times. Where can you see
the Tudor rose emblem?
6. Look at the portraits in the Inner Hall:
(a) Who was Henry’s son? (b) Who was Anne Boleyn’s sister?
Dining Room
7. What is the balcony over the doors in the Dining Hall called and
what was it used for?
8. Look at the ceiling. From which palace is it copied?
Morning Room
9. What are the initials and date on the fireplace in the Morning
Book of Hours Room
10. What is a book of hours?
11. Who owned the one
displayed at Hever Castle?
Staircase Gallery
12. Compare the two portraits of Elizabeth I.
What differences can you see?
Waldegrave Room
13. Why might the small chapel have been hidden behind panelling?
The bed in this room is
known as a tester bed.
14. What makes this different from
an ordinary four-poster bed?
Long Gallery
15. What materials are used in the
costumes of the figures in the
16. Are there differences between the
clothes of the nobles and the
17. Name Henry VIII’s six wives in chronological order.
18. How can you tell that the Council
Chamber is the oldest part of the
19. What do the two large weights on the
floor do?
Yew Maze
20. How old do you think the maze is?
I hope you enjoyed your visit to Hever Castle and will return soon.
1. The shapes include a snail, butterfly and a corkscrew.
2. Moat, portcullis, gates, battlements and arrow slits.
3. The Bullen/Boleyn family.
4. Anne Boleyn, who was Henry VIII’s 2nd wife. She was later
executed for treason in 1536. She had one daughter, Queen
Elizabeth I.
5. The Tudor rose emblem is on the plaster ceiling.
6. (a) Edward VI (b) Mary Bullen.
7. Minstrels’ Gallery - where musicians played.
8. From Hampton Court Palace.
9. HW – this stands for Henry Waldegrave who was a previous owner.
The date is 1603.
10. A prayer book.
11. Anne Boleyn.
12. The smaller one shows Princess Elizabeth aged 18, wearing a high
ruff. The larger portrait as Queen when she was older, wearing an
ornate dress and jewellery, thus fitting her status.
13. The owners, the Waldegrave family, were Catholics, and during the
reign of Elizabeth I it was illeagal to practise the Catholic religion,
so they had a secret chapel built.
14. The carved wood back panel and wooden canopy. The thick curtains
provided warmth and privacy.
15. Silk, velvet, fur, brocade, cotton and sack cloth.
16. Yes. The rich nobles wore bright, colours, expensive fur and jewels,
whereas the
poor servants had only cotton or rough sack cloth
in dull colours.
17. Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleeves,
Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr.
18. By the thick stonewalls, small windows and garderobe (a medieval
19. The large weights balance the portcullis.
20. The maze was constructed in 1904, which makes it 101 years old!