Concentration Student Journal Activity

Name: _______________
Date: _______________
Water’s the Matter
Module 1:
Student Journal Activity
Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to help the students appreciate the relationship between
mass, volume and concentration, and between actual and estimated values.
Part 1
Container A
Container B
Container C
Mass of Indicator used
Volume of Water in
Container (L)
Concentration of
Indicator (mg/L)
Description of the Color
of the Solution
Part 2
1. Rank the four solutions from the highest concentration (darkest color) to lowest concentration
(lightest color.)
(highest concentration)
(lowest concentration)
2. Using your ranking, estimate the concentration of the Unknown (a value between the two solutions,
the one above and the one below the Unknown.)
Estimated Concentration of Indicator in Unknown solution __________ mg/L
3. Look at the amount of water in the Unknown and compare it with the amount of water in the other
containers and estimate the volume of water in the Unknown container.
Estimated Volume of water in Unknown container __________ L
Part 3
1. Calculate the Actual Volume of the Unknown solution using the number of Kool-Aid packets used
and the value of the Actual Concentration that you get from your teacher.
(Remember: Concentration = Mass / Volume, so Volume = Mass / Concentration)
Actual Volume of water in Unknown container ____________ L