DCI and Clicker Questions

Unit 1 - DCI
Introduction to Matter
DCI 1.1 - Classification of
Split into groups of 4 or 5
Turn to page 1 in the Activities Manual
(During Class Inventions)
Do the activity.
1. Each container (A–T)
shows a sample of
substance(s) as viewed at the
atomic level. Look at the
and come up with some
different ways to categorize
the contents. For example, if
you feel the
contents of a subset of the
containers could all be
grouped, what would be the
basis for the group?
2. Select one or more containers
from 1 that represent:
a. a chemical change (briefly
explain your reasoning for the
b. a physical change (briefly
explain your reasoning for the
3. Complete the containers
below by representing a solid
substance in a liquid, before
and after it dissolves.
Include a brief narrative
supporting your diagrams. Is
dissolving a physical or
chemical change?
4. Describe the contents of
four containers that you have
not selected for question 2.
Clearly describe the contents
of the container such that the
description fits that container
and no other container.
Clicker Questions
I. From the list below select the
Container that depict an element in the
gas phase.
1) A
2) B
3) C
4) E
5) F
II. A compound in the gaseous phase
1) B
2) C
3) F
4) M
5) Q
III. A homogeneous mixture in the solid
1) E
2) I
3) K
4) N
5) R
IV. A heterogeneous mixture in the liquid
1) D
2) I
3) L
4) N
5) Q
V. Which of the following pairs of
diagram represents a chemical
1) E --> H
2) S --> E
3) C --> G
4) I --> Q
5) R --> N
6) A