Ethnic and Diversity Issues in Technology

Ethnic and Diversity Issues in Technology
I agree with Ms. Gardner that technology, since each program is programmed by a certain
type of person, can come with certain stereotypes. The mayor simulation is a good
example. But while the simulation may be a bit racist against immigration, so is our
society. I think it’s good that she talks to her students about the problems with racism,
but since each computer program has its own twist, a good variety of programs to show
different perspectives is a good solution to the problems of any one program. I don’t
agree with her complaints about Disney historical inaccuracies, though. Although the
whole story is not totally accurate, Pocahontas (which Ms. Gardner cites as unhistorical)
is a movie/story that has been simplified for young children. Most any historical fiction
for young children will be somewhat off-base, but the purpose is to simplify the story and
keep the story interesting for the kids. So the audience and the reality of the culture we
live in must be considered when choosing computer programs for teaching purposes.