Possible Interventions - Oskaloosa Community School District

Intervention Strategies
1. Pacing
*extended time requirements
*vary activity often
*allow breaks
*limit lectures requiring a lot of copying
*extra time before, during, after school
2. Environment
*preferential seating
*planning seating
*alter physical room arrangement
*reduce/minimize distractions
*teach positive rules for use of space
*proximity control
*planned ignoring
*planned time outs
*use of verbal/non-verbal cues
*frequent supervision during independent work
*provide private work area
3. Materials
*taped texts and/or other class materials
*highlighted text/study guides
*use supplemental material
*note taking assistance: photocopy of teacher or student notes
special equipment
4. Presentation of Subject Matter
*individualized small group instruction
*taped lectures/discussions
*present demonstrations (model)
*utilize manipulatives
*emphasize critical information
*reduce language level or reading level of assignment
5. Assignments
*give directions in small, distinct steps
*use written back up for oral directions
*allow/require assignment corrections
*shorten assignments
*allow student to record or tape assignments
*give extra cues or prompts
*adapt worksheets
*alternate grading
*avoid penalizing for spelling errors/sloppiness
*use assignment sheets
*allow use of tools i.e. calculator, charts
6. Self Management/Follow Through
*visual daily schedule
*frequent checks for understanding
*have student repeat directions
*use study sheets to organize material
*use time lines for long term assignments
*review and practice in real situations
*teach skill in several settings
*request parent reinforcement
7. Motivation and Reinforcement
*offer choice
*nonverbal reinforcement
*concrete reinforcement
*use strengths/interests often
*talk privately to student regarding problems
*use of contracts
*verbal reinforcement
*progress monitoring (charts/graphs)
8. Social Interaction Support
*peer tutoring
*structured activities to promote positive peer interaction
*partial participation
*cooperative learning groups
*use multiple/rotating peers
Teach friendship skills/sharing/negotiation
*teach social communication skills
9. Miscellaneous
*support services: principal, guidance counselor, AEA, etc…
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