Waste Management Operations: Managing


Level 4

Awarded by

SQA/Waste Management Industry Training Advisory


Accredited from 27 March 2003 to 31 March 2007

Group award number: G735 24


This SVQ is based on standards developed by Energy and Utility Skills. Energy and Utility

Skills draws its membership from the waste industry.

Structure of the SVQ

The way the SVQ is made up is shown below. The unit title appears in bold and the elements that make up each unit are listed under the unit title.

Mandatory units

Candidates must complete all of these units:

DA13 04

Control the Reception of Hazardous Wastes

1 Control the reception of hazardous wastes

DA0Y 04

Control the Movement, Sorting and Storage of Hazardous Wastes

1 Control the sorting, storage of hazardous wastes

2 Control vehicles, plant and crews on sites which handle hazardous wastes

D1V7 04

Monitor Procedures to Control Risks to Health and Safety

1 Check that health and safety procedures are followed

2 Ensure that risks are controlled safely and effectively

D9YV 04

Control Site Operations on a Waste Incineration Facility



Control incineration-related operations

Control work activities on a waste incineration site

D9Y4 04

Control Maintenance and Other Engineering Operations



Establish a maintenance schedule

Implement and monitor maintenance and other engineering activities

Waste Management Operations: Managing Incineration/level 4/01.04.03/DJ

DA0R 04

Control the Disposal of Outputs and Residues from Waste Incineration Operations

1 Control the disposal of outputs and residues from waste incineration operations

D9Y2 04

Control Improvements to Waste Management Operations

1 Identify improvements to waste management operations

2 Implement and evaluate improvements to waste management operations

DA1T 04

Ensure Protection of the Environment on Hazardous Waste Treatment or Transfer


1 Develop and maintain environmental control measures on hazardous waste treatment

2 or transfer sites

Minimise risks to the environment arising from the treatment or transfer of hazardous waste

D1HW 04

Support the Efficient Use of Resources

1 Make recommendations for the use of resources

2 Contribute to the control of resources

B4V5 04

Create Effective Working Relationships



Gain the trust and support of colleagues and team members

Gain the trust and support of your manager

3 Minimise conflict in your team

DA2F 04

Provide Information to Support Decision Making on a Waste Management Site

1 Obtain information to support decision making

2 Inform and advise others

Optional units

Candidates must also complete


of the following units, in addition to the mandatory units:

B6TK 04

Contribute to the Selection of Personnel for Activities



Contribute to identifying personnel requirements

Contribute to selecting required personnel

DA2N 04

Review the Performance of Teams and Individuals

1 Assess the work of teams and individuals

2 Provide feedback to teams and individuals on their work

Additional units

Candidates can also choose to complete these freestanding units to complement the award, but they do not form part of the qualification:

DA2M 04

Review and Develop Your Performance at Work

1 Review your performance at work

2 Develop your performance at work

Waste Management Operations: Managing Incineration/level 4/01.04.03/DJ

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Waste Management Operations: Managing Incineration/level 4/01.04.03/DJ