Chapter 19 Solid Wastes

Chapter 19 Solid Wastes
Landfill- a site where wastes are disposed of by burying them
Hazardous wastes-Solid, liquid, or gaseous material that is potentially harmful to humans and the
 Reactive Wastes-Waste that can explode
 Corrosive Wastes-Wastes that can eat through steel and many other materials
 Ignitable Wastes-Substances that can burst into flames at low temperatures
 Toxic Wastes-Chemicals that are poisonous to people (and can cause health risks
 Medical Wastes-Old Rxs etc
 Hazardous Home Wastes-Harmful chemicals found in the home
Soil Conservation and Land Management
 Strip-Cropping-Farmland plowed so the plowed strips are separated by plant crops.
 Contour Farming-Plowing along a slope instead of across it.
 Terracing-A series of platforms built into the slope of a hill
 Shelter Belts-Rows of trees that are planted along the outer edges of a field to break the wind
(helps reduce wind erosion)
Biodegradable-substances decomposing easily into the soil and enriching the soil
Disposing of Hazardous Wastes
 Waste Exchange-Materials are used to make other products or materials
 Deep-Well Injection-Petroleum industry use this to dispose of liquid hazardous wastes. The
process pumps liquid wastes into deep porous rocks through lines pipes. (located below
drinking water Aquifers)
 Etc.