unowhy launches qooq culinary tablet in english

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French-based company UNOWHY has launched the English version of QOOQ, the first tablet
computer that is made for the kitchen. The tablet is preloaded with 1,000 international
multimedia recipes, ingredient fact sheets and useful meal-planning tools to help gastronomy
lovers in the kitchen.
“We saw an opportunity to merge technology and content to
create a richer and more tactile form of recipe preparation. The
QOOQ tablet offers users interaction with top chefs and allows
them to learn every nuance of their favourite dish, helping
them improve their own talents, making life simpler in the
kitchen”, explains Jean-Yves Hepp, inventor of QOOQ, President
and Founder of UNOWHY.
By combining interactive technology with exclusive culinary content, QOOQ, the first
touchscreen tablet to be made for the kitchen, has now been launched in English by Frenchbased company UNOWHY. The tablet, which serves as a cookery coach, enables users at any
level to learn directly from some of Europe’s leading chefs including Michelin-starred chef
Emmanuel Renaut of Le Flocon de Sel restaurant in Megève (south-eastern of France).
Each QOOQ comes preloaded with 1,000 international recipes that can be accessed by cuisine
type, difficulty level, preparation time and ingredients, helping to customise the cooking
experience to suit the chef and his or her kitchen. At the touch of a button, users are also able to
purchase additional recipes, which are available individually or in themed packs and are focused
on such topics as a destination, an ingredient or a specific chef. There is a catalogue of over 4,000
exclusive multimedia recipes made for QOOQ by more than 100 chefs.
QOOQ presents the recipes in a step-by-step interactive guide to create a variety of dishes
through real-time high definition video, photos and text. The chefs explain in detail every step in
the recipe preparation, guiding users through the preparation, from choosing ingredients to the
final presentation.
Video speed is controlled by the user, and videos can be paused while the user accesses separate
tutorials that explain specific culinary techniques. There is also behind-the-scene footage of the
chefs’ restaurants, as well as hundreds of ingredient fact sheets that detail how individual
products should be chosen, kept and cooked. For the health-conscious, recipe pages detail the
calories contained in a dish and the Meal Planner function allows users to monitor and vary their
“No matter the dietary requirements or preferences, restrictions or time constraints, QOOQ is
the multimedia culinary coach that can guide anyone, regardless of previous cooking
experience”, says Jean-Yves Hepp.
Users are able to build a culinary profile which contains a variety of information, such as allergy
details. Based on the culinary profile, the QOOQ tablet suggests recipes to suit individual tastes
and needs. Additionally, the Need Inspiration function provides users with dish ideas depending
on time, calorie or produce constraints.
QOOQ’s personalised features allow users to input their own recipes and share them with
friends, create weekly menus and shopping lists, and automatically adjust ingredient quantities
to suit the number of people per meal.
Unlike any other computer, QOOQ is spill-proof, thanks to its 10.1-inch splash-proof mineral
glass screen that is 60 % thicker than other touchscreens and designed to withstand use by flour
or fat-covered hands. The tablet also has waterproof buttons and non-slip feet. Unlike classic
tablets, that are often fragile, the QOOQ tablet resists humidity and heat and can easily be
cleaned with a damp cloth.
For ease of use, QOOQ comes with a foldaway stand and an integrated timer. The tablet also has
stereo speakers, a rechargeable lithium battery, high-speed USB 2.0 ports, 8 GB of memory, as
well as an SD or SDHC memory card.
Made in France, QOOQ is available in red, cream and black. The tablet retails at US$ 399 and can
be purchased directly via the QOOQ website.
Like an ordinary tablet, QOOQ allows web browsing via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port, as well as
access to email, social media accounts, and online radio stations. The tablet also has a built-in
video and mp3 player, a weather application and a digital photo-album function.
About UNOWHY: UNOWHY is a French-based company specialising in digital media. The
company was created in 2007 with the goal of advancing cooking practices and techniques in the
Through the introduction of technological applications such as iDelices and iVideoCocktails for
the iPhone and iPad, along with the tablet QOOQ, the company has highlighted the importance
of eating and cooking well, while providing a more convenient way for consumers to achieve
their culinary goals.
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