Tablet PCs in the Classroom
Sam Kamin, Chad Peiper
with Tablet PCs
A Tablet PC enhances instruction by combining the advantages of
using a blackboard and having prepared slides. The instructor can
start from a blank screen or import PDF or PPT.
with Tablet PCs
In a classroom equipped with networked Tablet PCs, learning can be
enhanced in numerous ways.
A dynamic alternative to paper
• As natural to use as paper
• As quiet as paper (unlike keyboards)
• Students can receive content from instructor
For teachers, improves transparency of class.
• Instructor can monitor student
progress and adjust teaching in
real time using a
“teacher’s dashboard.”
Better than blackboard
• Projection: Easier for student to see
• Save, correct, and post notes to website
• Incorporate difficult-to-write material: images, graphs, statistical
tables, etc.
• Our research: Studying ways
that computer analysis of
students’ writing, and better userinterface design, can make a
dashboard faster and easier to
Improved learning through better communication
• Opportunities for creating a communicative classroom, where
learning is enhanced by continual interaction with teacher and
among students, are endless:
Better than PowerPoint
• Adds flexibility to slides
• Improves pacing of class
• Students can ask questions privately in class.
• Encourages note-taking
• Students can “live blog” a class.
• Keep record of the teaching process
• Teacher can assign collaborative, in-class exercises.
• and many more...!
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and the Computer Science Dept.
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