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Position Description
Project Officer
Position Number:
Yet to be defined
To be assessed based on skills and experience
(anticipated to be between ActewAGL Level 3 Zone B to Level 4 Zone A)
Water StrategyBranch:
Environment and Sustainability
Reports to:
SWPP Manager
The Project Officer will be required to assist the team in the development and implementation of
programs as part of the ACTEW Water Regional Source Water Protection Program (SWPP). The
focus of the role will be on providing assistance to community groups, land managers and all other
catchment stakeholders, in implementing and monitoring programs that protect the ACT’s drinking
water catchments with regard to catchment management, potable supply and public health risks
ACTEW Corporation (ACTEW) has the responsibility of providing safe drinking water to the residents
of Canberra and the surrounding region. A critical element in ensuring safe drinking water is catchment
management. The Source Water Protection Program (SWPP) sets out an overall vision for catchment
management, and is intended as a dynamic and practical guide for managing the catchments. The
program includes a range of activities to be undertaken within all ACT catchments.
The aim of the Source Water Protection Program SWPP is:
Through the use of an integrated, cooperative approach, increase the awareness of
source water protection needs within the catchment areas and reduce the risks to the
ACT Drinking Water supply.
This position is for a minimum fixed term of 9 months, with a potential extension to June 2018 to be
negotiated with the successful applicant.
The officer’s duty to the employer includes an obligation to carry out work in a way that does not put
ACTEW Water in breach of any legislative or regulatory obligations. ACTEW Water will have
responsibility to provide suitable training and to make the officer aware of media and legal obligations
relevant to the work.
This position is required to participate fully in all aspects of health, safety and environment
management within ACTEW Water, including risk assessment, hazard identification and control and
incident reporting.
Position Description
Branch Structure
Water strategy & policy
Executive manager
Senior Manager
Project Officer
 Under general guidance and direction, assist the SWPP coordinator in developing and delivering
Project Officer
programs for the SWPP, in particular
 Project management; specifically
develop plans and scopes of work to implement and
evaluate SWP projects
 Provide on-ground support to catchment improvement projects, including auditing of on-ground
projects financially supported by the SWPP.
 Develop consultant briefs and proposals
 Administer contracts.
 Liaise with external bodies and agencies, in particular,
 Liaise with and coordinate input from internal and external stakeholders with regard to
catchment management, potable supply and public health risks
 Catchment stakeholders to promote best land management practices, including community
groups, private landholders and the operational managers of government and privately owned
 ACT Government and Local Government on operational management issues such as weed
control, road management, recreation impact and sanitary management.
 Represent ACTEW Water at seminars, workshops, and consultative forums.
 Collect and analyse data, and prepare and manage technical information, in particular
 Collect, record and disseminate information provided by local government and local council on
activities such as recreation, sewage and refuse monitoring.
 Review scientific and technical reports to inform SWPP projects and programming
 Review and develop position papers on LEP’s, DA and recreation activities.
 Undertake catchment surveillance and data capture; Review and monitor water quality data
and undertake analysis of data to monitor trends.
Position Description
Use spatial and decision making tools to assess risks and inform targeted programs to meet
SWPP objectives;
 Ensure all work is performed to developed OH&S procedures. Assist in development of safe work
practices/procedures as required, in identification and removal of safety hazards in the work place,
and in training of supervised staff.
 Prepare and review Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems
documentation to provide input to continuous improvement processes and procedures within the
framework of ISO 9002, ISO 14001, AS4801 and HACCP..
Demonstrated experience in development, delivery and administration of programs in the field of
environmental or natural resource management is essential
Possess an understanding of catchment management issues and their importance to the
provision of safe drinking water. Knowledge of the application of the Framework for Management
of Drinking Water Quality from the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines to catchment
management would be an advantage.
Working knowledge developing and implementing project monitoring and evaluation is highly
Proven experience in working with community organisations, private landholders, land managers.
local government agencies among others
Experience in preparing and delivering presentations.
Experience in risk assessment and decision making would be an advantage
Sound knowledge of OH&S and EEO principles and practices with the ability to implement in the
workplace. Awareness of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems within
the framework of ISO 9002, ISO 14001, AS4801 and HACCP.
Exceptional oral and written communication skills, including presentation skills, with an ability to
interpret and analyse scientific information.
Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with community groups and with
professional organisations demonstrating a high level of liaison and negotiation skills
Motivated to achieve positive environmental change within the context of protecting drinking water
Self motivated with the ability to schedule and prioritise work, work independently, and as a
member of a team.
Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills ,and the ability to make decisions within
existing competencies and delegations.
Position Description
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and are satisfied that it accurately describes the position.
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/ 2010
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