Lab Assign. 1: Perception

Psy 430
Perception Lab—20 points
Please go to the online Stroop test. Run yourself as a participant. Be sure to read the
instructions before starting the first word set. Click finish, record your time for the first word
set, click continue, read the second word set, then record your time for word set 2, and finish
Think about what is being manipulated in this demonstration. Enter your data into an SPSS data
sheet (keep two decimal places). Also gather the times of your classmates and enter their data
into the SPSS file as well.
Run the appropriate analysis to determine whether a significant difference in color naming time
exists between the congruent and incongruent conditions.
Get ready to print the output (not the data sheet). Before printing, add your name in the
header: File, Page Setup, Options, type your name into the header. Also, change the page
orientation to landscape (if not already chosen).
Print the output.
Attach a short, typed results paragraph about what we can conclude about color naming times
under congruent ink conditions versus incongruent ink conditions. Think about the type of
information that belongs in the Results section of an APA report.
Mention the independent variable and describe the measure of performance collected.
Then report the descriptive and inferential information. (Remember we usually write
one sentence describing the average performance (and standard deviation) of each
condition. Then there is usually an additional sentence or two describing the results of
the inferential test.)
Please use APA format when reporting statistical information. Use your stats texts if you
do not remember APA, as your use of APA format is expected to be exact.