Catch Me if You Can key

Catch Me if You Can
1. Name the famous imposter described on the game show
a. Frank William Abignail
2. What did he do and by what age?
a. Impostered a doctor, lawyer, pilot, cashed millions in fraudulent checks by
age 19
3. What was Mr. Abagnale being investigated by the IRS for?
a. Tax Fraud
4. What did Frank receive from his dad for his 16th birthday?
a. A checking account in his own name
5. What is the first “job” frank poses as an imposter?
a. A substitute French Teacher
6. When Frank is waiting in the office to see the principal, how does he know the
note another student is trying to turn in is a fake?
a. There is no crease in it
7. Why does Frank run away?
a. His parents are getting a divorce
8. Why can’t he get anywhere?
a. His checks bounce
9. How does Frank become an airline pilot?
a. He pretends to do a report for school and learns the information, obtains
a uniform from the cleaners
10. Why does Frank change the numbers at the bottom of the checks he forges? How?
a. The checks are routed to different places and they don’t find out the
checks bounce or are fake until 2 weeks later
b. He obtains a machine from the bank by flirting with one of the tellers
11. What is the next “position” Frank becomes?
a. A doctor
12. What does he pretend to be after that?
a. A lawyer
13. Where did Carl finally catch Frank? Why was Frank there?
a. Mount Richard, France
b. That is where is mother is from
14. How long was Frank’s sentence?
a. 12 years
15. Who does he work for after getting out early? Doing what?
a. He has to work for the FBI
b. Working in the fraud department
16. How did Frank pass the bar exam?
a. He studied for two weeks and passed.
b. He didn’t cheat.
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