Glasgow Life – Collaborative Doctoral Partnership application – for

Glasgow Life – Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Application – for entry in October
Title of proposal
The Proposal
Name of proposed academic supervisor(s)
(NB Supervisors must be of postdoctoral standing with a contract of employment at an HEI.)
Department/School/Research Institute
Higher Education Institution
How do the interests, expertise and experience of the academic supervisor(s) fit with
this proposal?
How will the research context of the supervisors – the Department/School/Research
Institute and wider HEI – support the student?
Please give evidence of previous successful research collaboration with non-HEI
This form maybe expanded to a maximum of two pages.
Please also provide a CV of the proposed academic supervisor(s) up to a maximum of two
pages each.
Please send to [email protected] by 4pm on Friday 13 February