The British Library Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships

Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships
HEI partner application form
Title of proposal, as listed on the BL CDP webpage:
Name of proposed academic supervisor:
(NB Supervisors must be of postdoctoral standing
with a contract of employment at an HEI)
How do you propose to develop this theme, in order for the student to gain maximum
benefit from research collaboration with the British Library?
How do your research interests and expertise support this proposal?
How will your department support the student and manage co-supervision with the British
Library over the course of the studentship?
Outline any impact initiatives at your institution that will be supported by the studentship:
Please give evidence of previous successful collaboration with non-HEI partners:
How did you find out about the CDP opportunities at the British Library?
Details circulated by my HEI
British Library website
Word of mouth
Other (please specify):
This form can be extended as necessary to a maximum of 4 pages. Please use size 11 font or above.
Please also provide a CV of the proposed academic supervisor (no longer than 2 pages)
Please send to [email protected] by 4pm on Friday 27 November 2015.